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Saturday, 14 February 2009


Weekends for us are funny old things, we never usually plan them, they just 'happen' sometimes we're busy, sometimes we're not....I work one day every weekend so the other day is quite prescious, i dont mind what we do, as long as we do it together, last sunday, we did this.......

We arrived at the farmhouse(Mr P's parents'), just in time for this...Yum!

Cooked on this(im not jealous, really im not!!!)

But, i had to share with these....

The lovely Blue,


George and Murphy.
Not that i minded, as they're so sweet, there were seven of them but they wouldnt all sit still to be photographed!

So, what did last sunday entail i hear you ask?, well the boys call it 'RATTING' not a pleasant way to spend a sunday you might think, basically as the farm has lots of corn at the moment the rats have started encroaching for winter fuel, theyre not welcome though, as you can imagine, so the boys smoke them out, then the dogs catch them as they dash from their holes. It wasnt a particularly fruitful day as they only caught three but it was a family occasion, with even Mrs P and the little ones joining in and getting muddy. It was cold but very sunny and we had fun watching the lads stumble through thick mud and slip on icy patches while trying to point their dogs in the right direction!

I spent most of my time with these. I love cows, these are Holstein Fresian steers. Theyre very calm once they get used to you stood near them. And also very inquisitive, they'll lick you to death, chew your coat and even your hair if you get close enough!

Whatever your weekends entail, enjoy them xxx

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