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Monday, 2 February 2009

SNOWay we're going to school today!

Well, it happened, it really snowed!...No school for Poppy as the village isnt all gritted and the teachers couldnt get in! Although we did make the trip to school as we've been having major problems with mobile phone signal over the last couple of days so the message didnt get through. When we arrived i almost ploughed straight into the back of my friends car as the land rover is so heavy i had a job to stop it on the roads laden with thick icy snow. So, we turned around and came home, Little sister was not impressed that big sister had a day off, and declared she was 'quite happy watching tv by myself'!.....charming.(i should point out that she was not home alone, oh no, Mr P was in bed, he's been up all night with the dreaded lurgy-man flu, so has taken root in bed for the day).

Milly moo with frosty mittens!

Poppy...'look mummy!!'

Front garden -7am

I was impressed especially as this snow is soft, powdery and beautiful(just as id ordered)and not at all sludgy(yet), in fact, just perfect, the sun is shining, and as the little ladies are trashing the upstairs, im having a little ME time.........yummy. Favourite Susie Watson mug of tea(charity shop bargain for one tiny pound)...,favourite CK bowl,tasty Cinnabon,my lovely radio,some cheery primroses......and my favourite view from the kitchen window.....

With a little company.....

Her favourite spot....

.......because of these

........pooch at my feet

Hope you enjoyed our day xxx


Carol said...

Welcome Ruby's Mumma!
I am back, been on a very naughty holiday! got back just in the nick of time...before the airports closed!
I love the snow, everyone is happy round here...makes a change!
We had to walk to the shops for much needed provisions. I think this must have been the smallest shop I have ever done, just could not manage to carry much more home. Love your Uggs, I live in mine too.....
Carol xxx

Clairey said...

Your snowday looked fab! I am hoping for more snow tonight and a few more days off work thanks to school closures.

Love the Susie Watson mug - I am a huge fan of her designs and have a couple of bits I want to add to.

I'm another one that lives in Uggs. My class mocked me today for wearing a suit and Uggs!!

Lovely blog!


The sewing room said...

Welcome to blogland its very addictive,what sweet little girls you have and a nice blog,well keep warm best wishes Pat

lou said...

Welcome to blogging, love your pictures, all are snow has nearly all gone :0 (
Love Lou xx

Bertie x said...

Hello Ruby's Mamma, It's nice to meet you. I'm new to blogging too, still trying to work out how everything functions! I read your favourite things list, and I could put a big tick next to every one too. Keep posting!
Bertie x

LittleGem said...

Hello Ruby's Mamma and welcome to blogland, I am new here myself but am loving it! Thankyou for visiting my blog, I have posted a link for the mosaic maker if you fancy giving it a go! I am now following your blog..will be back! X Gem

Jackie said...

Welcome to the land of blog! Love your pictures, it looks like you had a lovely time in the snow :O)

Country Cottage Chic said...

Welcome to blogging! The children & animals are having a wonderful time at the moment aren't they? No school for two days here so far!


lou said...

Hi, I have just seen your comment on Mel’s blog; I would love to know where you got the vintage pillowcases from?
Love Lou xxx

MelMel said...

I've added you as a fave on my sidebar!xx

rachel the krafty girl said...

hey welcome to the blogging world,ive been doing it for a few months and still count myself a neophyte!!

ill be popping by in the future

take care


Greedy Nan said...

I have that wireless set too - has yours got the 'special' button that you press to get it back to my favourite station?