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Friday, 13 February 2009

Tins tins tins!

Hope im not boring you with my posts just yet, thought id take some inspiration from the lovely Jayne at Country Cottage Chic and show you some of my collection of tins....when i saw how many similar ones we had it made me feel much better, i have always collected things, some things random, some things pretty(hearts!) and other things useful, my tins come into the latter category-thats if i can remember whats in which and where its stashed!!!!.....

This one is Poppy's word tin, we keep all the words in it which she's learning from school. When i was her age, all the children in my class had tobacco tins as their word tins-unheard of these days!! But this is a vintage sharps toffee tin which i got in a charity shop-so i think she'll be safe!

Ok, so this next one is only doing what it says on the tin at the moment, i bought it for Mr P for xmas as it says its 'a farmers friend', obviously when i read this i was sold, even though at £8 it wasnt the cheapest of stocking fillers!...id only ever used the almond hand cream from Burts Bees before(which is to die for!), but this is equally wonderful, it has quite a strong menthol type scent, which isnt too girly, Mr P actually uses it daily and has said that his hands havnt been half as cracked during this dry weather-he even reccomended it to his mum, i was well impressed!

Id love to know what you like to collect??.....


bekimarie said...

What a great collection!
Loving your pics on your sidebar especially the kittens, how cute.
I had to let my Mum have my cat when we moved and I really miss her.
Have a good day
Beki xxx

Sal said...

I love tins too..I bought the CK one last week!
You've a great collection! ;-)