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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Valentines alert!

Girls, before i forget, if you have a Tesco nearby get down there to check out their valentines day range, if, like me, you like Emma Bridgewater stuff(who doesnt?!) you'll be happy bunnies, amongst other things they have a lovely plate, bowl mug set, (cream with little hearts), very similar to EB, for a very reasonable seven pounds (i believe), this morning i picked up some lovely tea towels with patchwork(ish) hearts on, and two red heart shape ramekins, for 2 quid, if i dont use them for baking based stuff the girls will love to have their pink jelly in them(theri suggestion!), or i can plant them with tiny bulbs next year, im thinking snow drops or tete-a-tete......i just know you'll love them!
I would take photos of mine but net connection too slow to upload bloomin photos today(and cant find anything on their website)!!!!, go check it all out, im sure you'll be impressed xxxxxxxx
N.B Can i just add, i also picked up some cake tins(one large, one slightly smaller),white with coloured spots not unlike some rather expensive ones available at EB, for £3.20 if memory serves!....


MelMel said...

Hello hun, sounds good....I'll be popping there tomorrow night, food shop...oh how I dread it!
Have a good day, I'm about to bgin work...playgroup this morning....busy day!xxxx

P.S....got my new bracelet on to show off!hehehehehe

sue15cat said...

Thanks for the tip off. I scooted off to Tesco and managed to get the last two boxed sets of dish/bowl/plate AND four of the gorgeous little ramekins. I was planning a lovely Valentines feast but it appears I'm being whisked off to the rugby match in Wales!! Romantic eh!! Lol.

Sue xx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

to tesco I shall go!!! thanks for the info :-)