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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Its coming...!

Oh yes girls, i just KNOW you're all sharing my excitement.......Tomorrow the spanking new IKEA opens just down the road from us in southampton, im soooo excited!

At the risk of sounding pathetic, i really will enjoy having a local ikea, you see, currently we drive the 50 or so miles to Bristol, ( the closest branch to us) about twice a year, its really enjoyable, like a proper road trip and i look forward and plan meticulously for weeks all the bits and pieces im going to buy.

I already know what i need from the new store, at the last Country living Christmas fair, my lovely mum bought me this print from the wonderful Caroline Zoob. It will look perfect in our red room at home(our nice living room)....

I really reeaally love it, its so special to me, mum was worrying that id have to pay a fair whack for a nice frame for it, but, you guessed it, good ole Ikea have come up trumps with this lovely specimen!!!...i may have to trim the mount ever so slightly but thats fine.

Now, obviously i wouldnt be silly enough to venture down there tomorrow, oh no, im not crazy!, but i will hopefully in the next week or so, when the madness has subsdided!

When this little project is complete i will definately be showing it off to you all x


MelMel said...

Hello dearie...loving the picture, wonderful, she does super things that Caroline....look forward to the pictures of your red room...I'm watching Monach of the Glen....love it and really want to live in Scotland....yippee!

Ok...too giddy....:>)

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hiya, what a gorgeous heart picture.
I know how excited you must feel about Ikea, we used to go to one in London when visiting friends or the one just outside Birmingham, then Bristol opened one which was really quick and easy to get to and now we have one in Cardiff, now of course its way to easy just to pop there, I dont think I've ever gone there and not spent any money :)) Have fun if you do go!
Thanks for the info on the below post, will check Tesco out.
Claire xx

Pixiedust said...

Hi, I'm excited about the new Ikea too, but hubby has refused point blank to go, he doesn't do shopping! Still it will be more fun with a girlfriend and he can't see how much I spend :o).

Will be having to pop into Tesco to take a peep at their valentine stuff it sounds fab. Looking forward to seeing your red room. Our bedroom is cream and wine coloured and looks really effective, although I seem to be going through a pink phase at the moment and fancy changing it, but hubby's refusing to sleep in a pink room!

(((((BIG HUGS)))) Pixie xxxx

Pixiedust said...

I've left an award for you on my blog. xxx