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Saturday, 2 July 2011

The story so far...

Well, here we are in July-already!! 
Ive been crazy busy so i apologise for not being around much, ive missed you all!
Have you been having a great summer so far? 
I had a birthday last month, another year older, wiser(?!).......Right now im feeling every one of my 28 years, a combination of sleepless nights, busy school schedule and warm weather i think. 
But, im happy, and things are all starting to slot into place, like a big jigsaw puzzle.

So you might of noticed a bit of a change to my blog?...a new title, i just feel its a bit more 'me'. 
Barefoot and pregnant yadda yadda!...

You see, im not just Ruby's mamma, i have two other beautiful babies as well...plus i haven't felt the need to do an ounce of crafting for a good few years as my life on the farm is a craft enough in itself, making things beautiful, healthy, making it all 'grow'..? 
Oh, and the 'wife' bit, well, not quite yet, but....maybe...soon...who knows? 
Id like to think one day i'll be Mrs P, but right now we have waaaay too much going on in our lives to squeeze a wedding in!!! 
Do let me know what you think of the change? 

So i only had a small birthday celebration this year, just my family, some cake, a meal...bliss...haven't my girls got big?!

I thought today id give you a visual run down of the last few weeks, i was recently required to play piggy midwife to our neighbours Kune kune sow and i thought you might like to ooh and their cuteness?!

They really are stunning aren't they?!

What a proud mamma!

The boy, has grown a bit...from this cute little doll sized thing! Poppy dresses her dolls in Williams hand-me-downs and i couldn't resist this photo opportunity!

Daddy says Yorkie's are 'not for girls'...

Dont you just LOVE stripes?!! I do, i find them irresistible and Wills has many MANY stripy outfits!
OOh and dont you just love seeing a baby properly outstretched in a pram like this?

My son has already got the outdoor gene from his father, in fact there is no where he likes better. Every night, when the colicky crying starts at around 9 or 10pm, Mr P puts him in the baby sling and they go for a walk round the farm for two hours with the dogs. He settles....instantly.

Below, the girls were sunbathing on their tropical 'island' with him. Id have loved to spend my afternoon out there!

Bedtimes are erm, how can i put it, 'busy' these days! A baby to feed, books to read, sleepy children,it all makes for a heady mix of stress on some nights, but, equally some can be great fun, like this recent one...happy, happy, happy.


When im not at home being a busy bumble bee i spend a lot of time at my mum's house, relaxing with the kids and the dog, her garden is beautiful, i really love this tree, so 'fluffy'!

One word 'scrumptious'!

And here we are in our daytime, mum and baby group capacity. 
Its special time, just me and Wills. We attend Bosom Pals every week, a local breastfeeding support group, where we chat, drink tea(or milk?!) and eat biscuits(i have Williams share)...on this occasion a professional photographer was in attendance taking a few shots for a project he's conducting.
Love this pic!

Williams first encounter with a cow, wont be long before he meets the real thing! 
This is his friend Rufus, very cute i think you'll agree.

So, not much 'farm' life to share.....

........but lots of 'life'

Lots of love, Kirsty 

Saturday, 21 May 2011


We're back! Sorry about that peeps, this newborn baby business seems to take up rather alot of ones time!
I had kinda forgotten how totally-crazy full on things get when a new tiny person makes their way into your family, but its been the most amazing four weeks anyone could ask for.
Yes, thats right, this tiny man is now four whole weeks old(and a bit). And we've all loved every single second of him.

As a family we all seem to have been drawn even closer together, people pop by more, are more considerate, cry more and love more.
William is a lovely little boy, very cuddly, LOVES his milk, and generally although im dog tired most days, i wake up each morning and thank the lord that i met Mr P and he gave me this amazing gift....

So enough of me gushing on about the love of my life, ive taken hundreds of photos in the last month, of each day which has passed, of the people William has met, of the places he has visited.
Capturing all those firsts.
Today i thought id share with you his first proper trip to the cathedral city of Winchester.
My mum lives in Winchester so im very lucky that we can pop into town, shop till we drop then drive 5 mins up the road and flop on the sofa and drink tea for the afternoon!

Here he is in his pram, 3 weeks old. Growing at a rate of notts, he's already grown out of that sleepsuit!
After heading up the main high street, stopping to ooh and ahh in white stuff and fat face, its time for lunch so we sat here on the bench for a quick feed, opposite the West Cornwall Pasty Co, and watched the world go by, dont you just love doing that, a million different types of people pass you, all with a different agenda, i like to imagine what they're all up to on their journeys.

Sat here we also have a view of this monument, called the Butter cross...one of the figures is of someone called William of Wykeham, how apt?
Its a favourite spot for my girls to sit on while they munch their cheese straws, they love to climb the steep wobbly steps and chase each other in and out of the carvings! As i did with my brother 20 years ago.

On this day a lovely old man was playing his accordion, it was lovely to just, sit, listen, chill.
MMMmm, that sweet baby head smell....cant beat it!...

On this day, William visited a shop dear to my heart for the first time...can you spot it?..

Yup, you guessed it...!

'Say cheese'!
He already has a CK Sleepsuit which was given as a gift when he was born so we didnt make a purchase on this occasion but the staff all said 'hi' and cooed over him!
We wandered on round to the cathedral grounds, there was a lovely warm breeze, and people just milling about...

...Sitting in the cathedral grounds, enjoying their lunch breaks...

Everything is so green at the moment, full of colour and life...

On our way back through town we have to stop off for fuel for mummy...

Looks good eh?

This is my favourite local bakery...i'll have a mushroom ciabatta pizza please!

Down past the street market and home we head.

I hope you enjoyed our mini tour of winchester, im sorry its short and sweet and I will try and pop back as much as possible to fill you in on what else we're all up to. I have an IPhone now so i can read all of your blog posts as 4am milking time, so i may not be actively posting as much as usual but im checking up on all of you and wish you well.

Lots of love, Kirsty xox (and William)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Growing together

Right now there's a whole lotta growin' going on! My tiny baby is now not so tiny anymore, only managing to wear something once before he's grown out of it, my girls are just as bad, shoes, school clothes, even knickers! They're all getting so big in front of my eyes, i sometimes wish i could freeze time, savour every little detail, i guess thats where my blog comes in.
I took these photos two weeks ago i think, and already the Poppys and Alliums are over, making way for Roses and Delphiniums. I have almost no time to spend tending to my garden at the moment-for obvious reasons-so im enjoying it from afar and making my peace with the weeds and long grass.

I have THE most amazing new bird feeder, a gift from my mum for my birthday last friday, and the garden is so alive i cant possibly get stressed out by the bits which shouldn't be sprouting in the borders and between the paving slabs. I'll show the new birds who've found their way into the garden shortly, but today i've got some pretty blooms to share
LoVe this colour!....

'Patty's plum'...lOvE this colour too!

I now have some white Alliums coming into bloom-like starbursts in my borders!

Sadly the chooks have discovered these little beauties so ive promised Poppy i'll buy a hanging basket planted up with strawbs!

These Lupins are at Mr P's parents house, i just had to share them, dont they look stunning??

And here is the veggie patch, slowly coming to life!

Can you spot some little people in there with the Rhubarb??!

Great fun! We came home with three carrier bags full, to be shared amongst family.

Right i have to dash now, jacket spuds are going ping in the oven and mini P is needing his mamma!
Hope you enjoyed the pretty pictures...

Love to all...Kirsty xoxo