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Thursday, 31 December 2009

My new years resolutions!

Kirstys new years resolutions:

1. Try to be more organized. As I am always losing my keys and phone in the house.
Need to put them in the same place every time!
2. To de- clutter and sort my cupboards, wardrobe etc . De-junk.
In a bid to not have things falling out at me and to be able to find things.
3. Write things down immediately on my calendar & in my diary. This would help me lots.
4. Reduce spending…..Think about needs & wants. Do some eBay to earn a few pennies. Try and accumulate some money instead of having no pennies left each month!
5. Become friends with my sewing machine, start practicing ~ practice makes perfect!
6. Do a menu plan each week, it will make things easier when shopping.
7. Make handmade presents where possible(hmmm?!)
8. To be more patient with Mr P! & take even better care of him!(more salad/ less nagging!)
9. Be more patient with my children when they are bloody annoying;
In their bickering sense.
10. Don’t worry about things that don’t matter(Life is too dam short).

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Quick catch up x

Just thought id drop in and update you with a few 'pre new year' bits and pieces. As i write this im struggling with words containing a 'y' as Ted got very excitable this week and jumped on the laptop taking the 'y' key with him, so its kinda wonky now, usable, but wonky.
This afternoon i made red onion marmalade, it was simple but took a loonng time to create and didnt go very far, just filled three kilner jars with a little left over-these ones are for gifts which i shall reveal shortly.
The weather here has been really dismal and i woke up this morning feeling rough again so we've been in all day watching evey film BBC 1 had scheduled. Mr P was at a ploughing match so we were home alone for our girly day(he came 3rd for those who are interested).

This christmas we managed to see most of our family, and catch up, look how much this little man has grown!
The girls were at their dads for part of xmas so i had a nice relaxing time making the most of my other baby!
I popped to the Next sale on boxing day and was glad i did as i picked up a few lovely outfits for the girls, its Poppy's birthday on 22nd Jan so got her some great stuff i know she'll love. H ere they are in new togs with new xmas gift gardening sets.

Would you like a sneak peek at how Mr P and i spend our evenings when the kids are in bed?-Duvet castles! We put a big blanket or sleeping bag on the floor then our duvet on top, open the doors of the fire and snuggle! Its heaven when its cold and drizzl outside.
And while we're on the floor, guess who gets the sofa??...

I like to lie there admiring my pretty tree for, i guess, just a few more days.

This is my current bedside drawer, a little secret place with allsorts stashed away inside, at the moment is contains my christmas choccies, and a very sweet card from my eldest baby.

And on top? These are just a few of my christmas presents, i love books and cant wait to flick through the fresh pages of these.

Oh and look, a few more choccies and a new friend, a beautiful steiff bear from m step mama, his name is Edgar. The pansy plate is from my mum, as are the beautiful soaps contained in the little box, they smell utterly devine, i shall be bathing alone to enjoy those beauties-no kids allowed!

This beautiful little jar contains some fizzy bath 'stuff', also bought for me by my mum, aside from the very sweet dinky jar, the sentiment on the label is beautiful. I will stash it away until we redo the bathroom so i can appreciate it sat on the shelf.

These goodies made me very happy too, a naked farmer calender from Mr P's brother and a CK notebook and M&S diary from step mama.

Ooh ooh, and another book! We're real fans of this series in our household, santa even bought the girls a dvd of it, so it'll be interesting to delve into these pages.

Look what i found stashed down the side of the sofa-best place for hiding choccies! MY FAVOURITE CHOCCIES!!!!!!

I was very spoilt by m brother this xmas, firstly some vouchers to spend in a little shop a few of you may have heard of! And also a HUGE box of Guylian shell choccies, wont take me long to pile back on the weight i lost when i was poorly at this rate!

This ham is sat waiting patiently for the Nigella treatment...to be soaked in the black stuff-and topped with black treacle, mustard powder and cloves-mmmm yummy!
The tipple of choice this xmas has been Advocaat and lemonade, who can refuse a snowball to lift the spirits-ooh look, ive nearl drunk the whole bottle to myself-oops!

This is my other winter addiction, stewed bramleys with cinnamon. Warm. a hint of cream. delish.
The thank you cards are all written and just waiting patiently to be posted, im working tomorrow afternoon so i shall have to do that in the morning.
Im only working until 8.30pm but NYE isnt really my thing so i dont think we'll be partying hard-to those of you who will, have a great time and all the best for the new year!
This popped through the door this week, tempting, but im waiting for the new stock as i wasnt a fan of last seasons wares!

And just one last thing, i popped to Hilliers, a local garden centre this week and all of their xmas decorations were reduced, just look at these stunning glass baubles, i bought them to hand from the curtain pole in the red room next year, they're reall heavy though so must be careful, and not forget where i put them! I also got the bowl yo can see in the background, its huge, perfect for all those clemantines, and hand painted with trees, just so pretty, i couldnt resist......

Love to all and be safe.....
Kirsty xxx

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

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Monday, 21 December 2009

crimbo cottage

Hey, still feeling proper poorly so will not be chatting today but wanted to show you a few pics of the house looking all festive, and the wonderfl gifts the girls AND i received from Sam(xmas bunting, handmade hearts, stanley, little chicken and lots more!!!)

After saying we had no snow down here, guess what happened a couple of hours later??
....Merry Christmas one and all xxx