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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Poorly people!

My goodness it's stressful when you have a housefull of poorly people. 
I had an awful illness at the end of our recent Center Parcs holiday in March and thought the rest of the family had escaped it-but it would appear not. The germs obviously just festered and have now made an appearance!! 
Firstly little William fell ill. A fever, runny nose, sticky eyes, no appetite etc, none of which wool make for a happy baby. Zero sleep and not being able to put him down for a moment-for a week, did not make for a happy mummy! His birthday was on Sunday-at the very start of him being poorly, so he battled on through then went rapidly downhill when we got home that afternoon. 

Here he is on the morning of his big day, 2 years old already!!
We've had a few long walks this week to try and get him to sleep, which didn't really work!-but the walks were lovely nonetheless

So now it's Mr P and Poppy who are suffering, bless them, he has an awfully sure throat, fever, type bug and she just feels awful. Life is so much more complicated when there's illness in the family, it would appear Nana(my mum) has now caught it too, which, given the fact that she is my sole childcarer whilst I'm at work, is a 'bit' of a problem!..Get well soon mum!!!

I'll leave you with a few photos from his Birthday..night all..
K xxx

Friday, 3 May 2013

x Good News and sunshine x

Heeeeellllo there beautiful people!
How are you all. Good i hope? Isn't is amazing how the sunshine brings the best out in people?

I have a new job since i spoke to you last, i now work in a bbbeeeeeaaautiful shop in my local town of Romsey called Kit&Caboodle. I work 2.5 days a week over our two shops, one a gifty type cath kidston mecca/teeny shop filled to the rafters with hearts, cute signs, napkins, Emma Bridgewater etc etc! And the other, a totally Gorgeous children s clothing and gift boutique, if you know me-you'll know this is MY DREAM JOB!
Im so, so lucky to find something like this, local, beautiful, great hours, fantastic stock, lovely people...i could go on and ON, but i wont bore you, just pay us a visit if you can and say 'Hi'!

 As i was saying, (about) the lovely weather giving people a boost, ive noticed 100% of customers are in a better mood while the sun is shining, normally when i say(a very cheery) 'hello'! as they walk in i get half a raised eyebrow and a look as if to say 'um why are you talking to me'...but when its bright and warm, well HELLO ROMSEY! Some even pass the time of day(shock horror), and ask me how i am(which is so nice)

i can understand why people like to live in LA and the south of france, being warm(and tanned ?) makes you feel sooo gooooood!!!!

My garden is slowly creeping into life, i feel like every pot and border should have a Geranium or Begonia but its a llleeeeeeettle too early for that just now. My hens are laying like CRAZY! And i have a birthday cake baking in the oven-eggs courtesy of my productive girls-for a certain little boy who will be (Shouty capitals)A WHOLE TWO YEARS OLD ON SUNDAY!!

Where DOES the time go??...

Enjoy the piccies, im enjoying the sound of the woodpecker, the cuckoo my cat purring next to me..

Ciao for now

K xxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hey there....

Hey you guys, how the devil are you, good?..I hope so! I know you're all probably wondering where ive been? Well, life just gets in the way-AS USUAL! Life here is lived at 100mph most of the time, and when its not, the last thing i want to do is sit with my laptop open and write a post, i'm more likely to be found with a tractor book open, sat on the sofa with my son, snuggled with a crochet blanket. That's not to say i don't miss you though!

Im totally out of touch with blogland, i don't know who's hip n' happenin' anymore and who has dropped off the radar, so maybe you can guide me? Looks like a few changes have been made to blogger too, i always have my iPhone with me so maybe i cold use blogger via that? Forgive me if the layout of this post is crap and things are in the wrong places....!

I probably dont have much of interest to tell you at the moment, the kids are growing like weeds and the house is groaning under the strain of all the 'stuff'' three kids own! We have tonnes TONNES of tractors, in every corner of every room, my son is obsessed-naturally.

Ive tried to seek out a few 'fashion' blogs lately, as one thing i strive for is to look 'together', even if my home and brain most certainly are not! So maybe if you'd like me to i cold share a few outfit snaps with you on a post in the future?
Mummy&Daddy snuck off for a night away at the De Vere Hotel!

I'll have a quick look through some recent pics as a quick way of bringing you up to speed with whats been going on around here.
Longleat Centre Parcs March2013~ our first EVER family holiday!

Oh, an guess what, im planning the wedding! We have booked a date, 29th March next year, and i shall become MRS P!..Eeeep!

Much love, K xxxx