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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

So sorry...

...That ive been absent for sooooo long! The past three weeks have literally flown by, and here i am at 10pm and tomorrows sandwiches still arent made! Prime example of how hectic thing are right now! Ive not forgotten any of you, im a bit sad that i havnt had any time to check up on you all(not to mention feeling quilty!), but right now my home and my family need me. Ive been enjoying some beautiful days in here in the country, and appreciating the simplest things,like the stunning dandilion i photographed very early one morning last week, while the dew just hung there(click to see more detail)...lots more photos to share, i hope to have some time on sunday to show them to you, but for now i must go...promise i'll try not to leave it so long this time!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bad news-washing machine update!

Bad news, very bad news. Lovely washing machine man arrived yesterday to break it to me. The bearings in my 2 year old machine have gone so the drum was basically wobbling about all over the place with nothing holding it-hence the awful racket coming from it!! The long and short of it is that he will be back on monday-yes thats MONDAY of NEXT WEEK to fix it. Hmmm. I think even if i had one of these......
...........id be far too lazy to use it! And i think id end up looking and acting alot like this lady...!!!!!
For now all my washing is bagged in tesco ladybird bags according to type. So far i have four full ones-towels, whites, daddys clothes, and colours.......and counting! I know what i'll be doing next week!!!!!!!

Monday, 7 September 2009


Yes, thats me today, waiting. First day of the holidays and i have to wait for 'the man' to come and take a look at my washing mahine. Its been poorly for a few days now, first making a very loud clunking sound when its on a fast spin, then i came home on friday to find it full of bits of rubber-which smelled disgusting. I have piles of washing all over the house just waiting! Hopefully he will get here in good time and not at 5.30pm, and hopefully he'll have the right bits with him to be able to sort it! Im making the most of being grounded, ive made the beds, tidied the house, and completed the next stage of the loo makeover, at least i have more beautiful Dhalias from saturday to keep me going. I put my little CK jug by my bed so i could admire them whenever i go into my room-so pretty!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Bits n bobs...

A jolly little post today, hope you are all well? A few bits and bobs to talk about today. Despite the cold Ruby and i had an amble round the friday market this week, i was so tempted to buy lots of plants but im saving my pennies for bulbs, i need to get to the garden centre and make my selection-im quite excited and may even treat myself to a blub planter, i thought some daffs scattered beneath the oak tree would look really beautiful next spring.

In town we pondered for a very long time in a new shop in town called Aromas. They have a huge selection of Yankee candles and allsots of different bath bombs which little lady spent her time sniffing carefully, then ponted out which ones she'd like for christmas-they were 1.99 each! I am a bit of a sucker for Yankee candles, i just dont think there's a rival candle which can beat them for burning time and an amazing scent which fills the house and lingers for hours. I was being very indecisive but eventually settled on this one, its black cherry, its not too sweet and sickly(i hate vanilla for that very reason!) and im really glad i picked it, although next time i think id like the new one out called 'farmers market' it really was so delicious, i looked like a bit of a loon standing there for ages inhaling deeply with my eyes closed!-back to the farmers market one-it was really autumnal and spicy-but a different spicyness to the others-have a sniff if there's a place near you which sells them.

I also bought myself another little treat, thus far ive really enjoyed the jam making, so i picked up this in my friend Debbies lovely shop Kit & Caboodle in Romsey,this is so that all my jars are neatly(and prettily) labled(Ms Kidston must be rubbing her hands together!)

For those of you who have wondered, the Damson jam turned out perfectly, i hand delivered a jar to Mr P senior who had lovely little smile on his face that id taken the trouble to A.collect the damsons from his mothers tree, B. given her immense pleasure in appreciating the fruits of her planting all those years ago and C. made the effort to get some to him as soon as it was cool! It made me smile too, another achievement ticked off my list, jam maker extroadinare! lol.
Next onto chutney i think...ooh the excitement!
This weekend we've been sat in the lounge reading stories, playing hide and seek and bike riding, making the most of our last days together before school tomorrow. Ive painted the loo and its nearly finished-when i have the house to myself tomorrow i'll finish it off then show you the finished product.
In light of the recent store cupboard goings on in my kitchen Ive decided i must have a larder, im sick and tired of searching for muffin cases, chicken seasoning, garlic paste etc, knowing one of the above is stowed away somewhere im kitchen cupboards but not being able to remember which cupboard its in and getting very stressed when things fall out on top of my whilst im searching! Id LOVE one like this.....which can be found here... isnt it dreamy? Check out their website you'll be drooling!....but im formulating a plan because obviously this one is for my dream country house which i'll buy when i win the lottery! For now im thinking of having a shuffle in the kitchen, its not finished yet anyway, and we need a swap about for a new fridge, conservatory doorway, and the Rayburn. Not that ive informed Mr P yet-i need to get it all on paper first-its as if he's the bank manager and im doing a business plan isnt it?! I know he'll just say 'you know you're going to have whatever you want anyway so why are you bothering to ask me?'...because dear man YOU'RE going to build it!.....