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Friday, 31 October 2014


(Its really not..but when you spend all day surrounded by muck(& not a lotta brass) & knee deep in bleach you have to feel pampered once in a while!

So here we are on the last day of October-Halloween! 
It's a balmy twenty degrees and the sun is shining! 
I've decided to restart writing my blog..sometimes life gets in the way of the things we want to do but I'm going to try harder!!..Firstly I thought I'd start with the 'Now' & yesterday I had a little beauty treat..!

I don't have a 'beauty regime' as such. I wash & blow dry my hair everyday, & put make up on(which I remove with baby wipes)everyday. I have my hair cut & coloured once a year, & I have Gelish on my nails almost all the time, but only because that's my business! In fact, if I didn't have Gel polish on my nails, they'd be non existent. 
I wash my hands around 20 times a day, they become engrained with grass stains, mud & worse, dry from cleaning products & short because they're too brittle to grow! Here's my current favourite colour 'plum & done'! (These are a clients hands!)

If you'd like to know more about 'Gelish' you can look on my Facebook page, just search for 'The Nail Barn'! & pop by & say 'hi'!

So, back to yesterday's treat! 
My favourite part of my makeup routine is mascara. All you albino-esque blondes will sympathise when I say I cannot leave the house without it! 
But since my wedding I've gone one better & tried beautiful, individual eyelashes. 
Some of you might immediately think 'man in drag' when you hear the words 'false lashes' but I can assure you these are the most delicate, intricately placed lashes & can't help but flatter the tiniest of eyes! I'm in LOVE with them, they're an occasional treat but increase my confidence by about, Oooh 100%! 

This time I went one better & also had my eyebrows threaded, trimmed, waxed, tinted AND had false individual ones applied to fill the many gaps created by my 14 year old tweezer-happy self! (Child of the 90's!)

My daughters' step-mummy is a brow & lash professional & I trust her 100% to give me the natural look I love..if you're in the Fareham/Hampshire area pop over to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Carlas-Beauty-Box/660105867352897 & book an appointment!

What do you think?!...

Lots of love, 
Mrs P xxx