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Monday, 31 January 2011

Giving thanks

So today, the 31st January 2011, i thought id give thanks for a few things.....Nothing major, just a little recognition of the here and now.

Ive been feeling a bit rubbish over the last week, i guess a combination of no money, no going out, messy house etc has taken its toll, but im looking forward and trying to be positive, firstly im giving thanks for the fact that we enter for a new month tomorrow!!

I personally cannot wait. Of course, with every month that passes i am a few weeks closer to meeting my new baby...and the further into February we are, all the more to spring we are!

Ive bought a few tete a tete daffs and hyacinth bulbs and dotted them around the house for bit of brightness, but they're yet to erupt!

I captured this little 'moment' yesterday, the sun stayed with us all day, and at one point, through the clutter and crap on my dining table, the beauty of my pink tulips was delicately highlighted

The next thing im giving thanks for are these oh so pretty blue eggs, laid by a single Araucana chicken. She is doing so well! Laying one every day for me..which is strange as over Christmas and previous to that-she laid none! I have a fridge full at the moment so i really should give a few away or make some meringues or something!

Right now, im LOVING the fact that so many products dont just have to be practical, but can be pretty too...like this air freshener and dishcloths, how lush?!

I know these companies see people like me coming, but i dont care, they make me happpy doing my mundane tasks each day. I nabbed the pink air freshner from the bathroom-which by the way is coming along, just a few really annoying jobs which need to be finished-jobs which Mr P needs to take care of, then i can reveal it-so sorry to keep you all in suspense-im just thankful we have a shiny new bathroom before the arrival of the tiny one...(mum, i owe you the biggest thank you of all for making our dream bathroom a reality!)

I gave alot of thanks for this small mercy, a raspberry jam doughnut and a caramel latte..it was a heavenly sunday morning treat...sooooo good!

AND just look at the box..a real dreamy shade of pink-well done Mr Sainsbury!

Do you want to know what our sundays are like? If i tell you, maybe you will tell me, because sundays can be a pretty crap day cant they? The kids sometimes get bored, maybe when mummy is stuck in the kitchen doing the roast...or there's nowhere to go as everywhere is shut?

Well my sundays are not amazing by any stretch, but this one was nice, peaceful, easy...My dad generally pops in every sunday morning..after he's been to my nannies down the road and pulled a few veg for his dinner that day, and delivered her papers. It gets him out of the house whilst my step mum is at work.

This sunday he arrived bearing gifts, which i was reeaally chuffed about! My kindling bucket now looks like this. He's been putting down a new solid oak floor in his cloakroom this week and had lots of offcuts..and although it pains me to burn such beautiful wood, i did really need it, plus i know i dont have the time to re purpose it for making bird houses, or the like. And im trying not to hold onto any guilt for that fact-i'll be keeping my family warm, and saving some money....sorry little birdies x

Look, this basket is full of it too!

To say my dad is pretty handy to have around is an accurate description. At around xmas time i put in an order. You see, he's a fabricator welder by trade, so metal is his thing. It was at a time when it was getting pretty tough to get my wellies off without being in alot (!)of pain due to bump ligaments stretching. As much as i adore my hunters, they are a comfortably snug fit-which makes it all the more difficult to remove them!
So, yesterday i was presented with this bespoke boot jack, courtesy of dad. Bless his heart, he probably has no idea how much easier this little thing will make my life, lots and LOTS is the answer. Ive had many of these before, all wooden or plastic, they last about, ooh-5 minutes before they break, so hopefully this one will last ALOT longer!

After grandad has played a few games with the granddaughters and got me a barrow full of logs its time for me to thank him. Bacon rolls were the order of the day, the bun lightly toasted for Mr P, egg cooked through for me, and runny for dad..brown sauce for dad, red for me, none for Mr P-funny things us humans eh?!

I think they were an appropriate way of giving thanks to my dad-dont you?

I have to have the little robin mug as im only meant to have two cups of coffee a day, too much caffeine is bad for baby apparently!..We went out in the garden to eat as Mr P was fixing my mums car on the drive. Before they ate their tuna sarnies, the girls bounced on the trampoline.
After we'd all eaten, the little ladies built an 'office' in their room with a desk id bought in from their wendy house and by washing airer!

The afternoon passed by in a haze of tidying, washing, playing, chatting, drinking and chilling out.
It was then time for me to head out with ruby to collect nana from her house for an overnight stay, and poppy and daddy headed off to mend the broken slurry tanker ready for the weeks work.
On our way home, we collected a curry from my favourite Indian takeaway and headed back for our planned 'movie night'.
Daddy and the girls had selected Ice Age 3, and we all sat on the floor together and munched and relaxed..a perfect end to a peaceful day.
.....By the way, i just wanted to say 'thanks' to all my new followers...i hope you're enjoying my blog!
Love Kirsty xoxo
Kirsty xoxo

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Special indulgence

So today, i indulged myself in something special....i've had a CK carrier bag sat at the end of my bed with this special purchase sat in it since the week before Christmas. Do you do what i do and even though your purchase is for you-you ask for it to be gift wrapped?-its not just me right?
Love love love the pretty tissue paper and bag and sticker!

More wrapping...have you guessed yet?..

Hmmm...looks tiny doesnt it?...weeell..

And here we have it-one hospital bag!!...Now, dont get me wrong, i am only(nearly) 27 weeks but im the sort of person who has to have things organised...i need to be able to see things, to touch them, to feel 'right'. And i am going for the hat-trick and praying for a 3rd homebirth, but, BUT what if i do need to transfer...well, a tesco carrier wont cut it will it?!

So, i purchased the bath flowers foldaway holiday bag in the sale, a great bargain, plus i love it, the pattern, size, colour, the fact its waterproof inside?!

I then started on the special bit, the selecting. I 'selected' four sleepsuits(white)four vests(white)four muslin squares(white) and the most beautiful(white)hand knitted cardigan, completed and given to me just last week by a very thoughtful work colleague. I was truly touched and cried-there and then, in my seat!
Ive also added my beautiful knitted mamas and papas blanket...ive had it for ages now-my mum bought it for me as although she can crochet-i just fell in love with it...i'll take it to bed with me a few times in the run up to d-day so it has my smell on it.
Oh and then there's the obligatory nappies and wipes...and some 'other' stuff, which i wont bore you with.!

Ah...and relax.
Im content now.
Love Kirsty

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Is it? It is, im sure it it, its still January, right?
Well today has taken me by surprise. If it were a saturday, you'd see your neighbours out washing their cars and weeding the borders to allow all those new shoots to breathe and bathe in a little sunshine.
Yes thats what we have today, some sunshine, and a little wind(oh matron!).
Today, Tuesday the 25th January the first day ive been able to hang washing outside this year.
I had to, i couldn't bear to stuff things into the tumble dryer and live with the guilt when there is a gentle breeze and a few rays smiling down on us.
I hope you have a day soon wherever you are which gives you this simple satisfying pleasure, i know down here we dont have it as tough as some of you who read my blog up north!

The girls even rediscovered this at the weekend, their beloved trampoline; sunbathing deck, stage, Olympic bouncing championship venue etc. And im hoping that we can all start to get out there more and more from now on as i feel so sad to look out at my garden all lifeless at the moment.
This field of fodder beet has now all been harvested, its looking a bit barren!

Looks bright but im hoping those grey clouds in the background float away!
Ive opened all the windows in the house to have a good air, washed our bedding, as well as the clothes Mr P wore shooting yesterday....spring is just around the corner, and i picture myself stood here with my apron and flip flops on hanging out washing with my new baby sleeping peacefully in a pram parked beside me ....ah, i cant wait.

Look how sad my little apple tree is looking?? Ive not even been out there to clear the leaves because off the bump in the last few months. I'll add them to the 'to do' list.

Oh, and now the weather is looking 'up', so is the workload, Mr P just popped in for a flask of coffee as he's going out ploughing...and so it begins...

Lots of love,
Kirsty xoxo

Friday, 21 January 2011

A Glimpse of my day

Hey there! I thought you might like a glimpse of my day today.
I would have loved the photos too be far more arty but to be honest ive left 3 days worth of pre party house preparation to be squeezed into one day, partly due to work commitments, partly due to a nasty/cough/cold combo im rocking at the moment.
Anyways, Poppy's cake is in the oven baking in stages as its a ten inch one, in between checking on it im madly clearing left over tools away(from the bathroom re-fit)hoovering, tidying, chucking out, fiddling, admiring-and now procrastinating! Argh!

Two things making all the effort that little bit more bareable-my CK apron and my uggs!

Mummy's baking, the boys are looking on with that 'when the hell are you taking us out?' look in their eyes, sorry boys, no time, you'll have to amuse yourselves today!

Ive lit a lovely candle i bought from TK Maxx aaagges ago but it smells of sweet peppermint and its still going strong. I was however a little sad to light it then peer back in to notice this little fella must have admired it too-a little too closely-how sad, but beautiful?
Like a moth to a flame...sums up me and cath kidston it think!

Playing with my white glass writing pen...Back door now states ' Welcome to the funny farm' How apt?
Here is another shot of something which inspired me, remember the inspirational shot i took of the CK mug in my new bathroom?... Well this time it was my Stanley flask which lit a little match in my brain..

Check back next week to find out what i used it for!!..

Love Kirsty xoxo

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Baby stuff...CK!

OOh ooh, i think i may have found my changing bag...

What d'u think girls?? ....

Hmm...Eenie, meenie *waves index finger from left to right*....
Love Kirsty....xxx

Monday, 17 January 2011

Most wanted!

Its official, i hate January. It is damp, depressing and dreary, add to that the fact that no one has any money left from the Christmas blow-out and it doesn't leave one with a great deal of excitement for the new year ahead!
So, what would cheer us all up-how about a little bit of CK?
Ive put a few of my favourite bits together-i already have the mug, its so sweet-i had to have it as soon as i saw it-which was in a garden centre of all places! It wasn't even in the CK store yet!
Id love to know what you've got your eye on?

Love Kirsty

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Three things...

The three things brightening my little world this week are....
  1. Stunning Tulips

  2. My new Keith Brymer Jones fruit bowl

  3. AND my new Keith Brymer Jones Mug...

Look LOOK at these little beauties-for me this is pure, unadulterated HEART SKIPPITY STUFF!

Wow wow wow-ive been a fan of Keiths work for a few years now, but, its pricey to say the least-so i never thought id actually own a piece. Let alone two pieces?!!

So-i hear you cry-whats the story? Well girls, if you hadnt guessed, good old TK Maxx has gone and pulled a blinder again!! I only 'nipped' in their to look for a bath ladder for the new bathroom...and of course i had to have a browse..which is when i fell in love. I adore this huge white HAND THROWN ceramic bowl, i guess you could use it to serve salad on a summers day-or fruit salad..but for now its beaming its calming whiteness into my lounge as a fruit bowl. I adore the little hand carved hearts-they sing to me-you can see them better in the close up photo.

So the story goes, i spotted the mug first-along with all the other mugs, and instantly recognised it..Then further along the same shelf, a little cereal bowl-the same blue as my mug(swoon!)-Basically a mini version of the big white bowl, perfect for 'bits' in my new bathroom i thought, BUT, the price tag said 12.99, yes, nearly thirteen earth pounds for teeny tiny cereal bowl-i believe you can probably buy a whole dinner service for that price in Ikea. Then, with my beady i, i spotted the big white bowl-with a price tag of -you guessed it 12.99. So, i headed(speedily)to the till to have the prices checked-lo and behold the manageress said they were marked at that price, so, thats how much they were. You could have blown me down with a feather!

Now i know less is more, but really, in this case-its not. I know its a little bit silly getting this giddy over some china, but ive hankered over this particular china for a looong time, and never thought id own a piece.

If you click on the link at the top of the post you can have a look at the other bits on the website keith sells through, and learn a bit about him.

I wasnt leaving the mug behind, in that perfect blue-for 2.99!!!!!!1

Can you see the little hearts?

Id already bought these that day from Morissons, they are even more stunningly rich in colour in real life.

I think thats it for treats for me for January-dont you??
Love Kirsty xoxo

Birthday girl..!

Hi lovelies, ive got a little problem i thought you may be able to help with...My first born baby daughter Poppy will be 7 years old next saturday-7 YEARS OLD!-where has that time gone?!

Anyway, i need some present ideas for her, im stuck, and so are the family!
I guess the main problem is that she has everything she wants really, and there is nothing she 'needs'.

I know money is a good old failsafe option but i would like her to have something to open!

Answers on a postcard please girls!

Love Kirsty xxx

Saturday, 8 January 2011


...my inspiration was sparked...

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

More bathrooms!

Hi girls, ive found a few more inspirational bathroom photos on the web which i thought id share with you as its always nice to have lots of images to ooh and aah at in a post!

Some of these i really like, and others i just like bits of.
When i wrote this post a week ago, the latest in our redevelopment was that we'd put in the sink and bath, but realised that the porcelain of the loo was the wrong colour in comparison!!
So, we nipped out to buy another cheap one from b&q.
How is it you can walk into that place needing a paintbrush and some more grout and you come out fifty quid lighter?
This decorating business has sucked every penny from us this month...but i know it'll be worth it.
We're almost done now, so as soon as ive finished primping and prettying i will do the grand reveal...hope you'll join me?

Anyway, back to the inspiring photos...
...Dont you just love it when there's a little chair in the bathroom? I do, i think i'll have a little ikea stool in ours though.
But, saying that, it did occur to me that a large bottom like mine on a wooden stool may leave indentations in the new floor! Arrgh, why is this so complicated?!

I like how they've used a square bath in this one, and still managed to give the room a 'shabby chic' look...
Im thinking a colour scheme like this one is a good plan-that way, as someone suggested on the last post-accessories can easily be swapped around as the mood takes me!

Im firmly blaming my indecisiveness on the fact that im a Gemini...i want a bit of all of these rooms!
But i do have a thin framework which im sticking to, i want space, simple-clean lines, functionality, easy to clean...um, i think thats it for now?!....watch this space.
Love Kirsty x0x0