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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Three things...

The three things brightening my little world this week are....
  1. Stunning Tulips

  2. My new Keith Brymer Jones fruit bowl

  3. AND my new Keith Brymer Jones Mug...

Look LOOK at these little beauties-for me this is pure, unadulterated HEART SKIPPITY STUFF!

Wow wow wow-ive been a fan of Keiths work for a few years now, but, its pricey to say the least-so i never thought id actually own a piece. Let alone two pieces?!!

So-i hear you cry-whats the story? Well girls, if you hadnt guessed, good old TK Maxx has gone and pulled a blinder again!! I only 'nipped' in their to look for a bath ladder for the new bathroom...and of course i had to have a browse..which is when i fell in love. I adore this huge white HAND THROWN ceramic bowl, i guess you could use it to serve salad on a summers day-or fruit salad..but for now its beaming its calming whiteness into my lounge as a fruit bowl. I adore the little hand carved hearts-they sing to me-you can see them better in the close up photo.

So the story goes, i spotted the mug first-along with all the other mugs, and instantly recognised it..Then further along the same shelf, a little cereal bowl-the same blue as my mug(swoon!)-Basically a mini version of the big white bowl, perfect for 'bits' in my new bathroom i thought, BUT, the price tag said 12.99, yes, nearly thirteen earth pounds for teeny tiny cereal bowl-i believe you can probably buy a whole dinner service for that price in Ikea. Then, with my beady i, i spotted the big white bowl-with a price tag of -you guessed it 12.99. So, i headed(speedily)to the till to have the prices checked-lo and behold the manageress said they were marked at that price, so, thats how much they were. You could have blown me down with a feather!

Now i know less is more, but really, in this case-its not. I know its a little bit silly getting this giddy over some china, but ive hankered over this particular china for a looong time, and never thought id own a piece.

If you click on the link at the top of the post you can have a look at the other bits on the website keith sells through, and learn a bit about him.

I wasnt leaving the mug behind, in that perfect blue-for 2.99!!!!!!1

Can you see the little hearts?

Id already bought these that day from Morissons, they are even more stunningly rich in colour in real life.

I think thats it for treats for me for January-dont you??
Love Kirsty xoxo


bellaboo said...

TK Maxx is brilliant isn't it? I often find a little gem when I'm browsing in there.Glad you found those lovelies.
Have a good week. :0)

Andi's English Attic said...

Love the fact they're decorated with hearts.
TK Maxx is one of my favourite shops...but I hope the assistant saw and agreed how ridiculous that pricing was.
Enjoy your goodies. xx

Rubys mamma x said...

Hi Andi-like i said in the post, the manageress just sai 'well if thats the ticket price' then thats how much the are'...and made no further comment-strange eh?!xxx

Rubys mamma x said...

I stupidly managed to delete tracys comment-which read:
funkymonkey has left a new comment on your post "Three things...":

I found some Bridgewater in TK Maxx once. Needless to say I didn't leave it behind. I love the little hearts that are dotted about on your new pieces. It's so exciting to be find something you've really really wanted and at a great price too.

bibbitybob said...

I can't say I've ever heard of Keith Brymer Jones, but I'll definitely keep an eye out in my local as they are a gorgeous design!

susan said...

Hi Kirsty! We have the bowl in blue in our TK Maxx! If you want it let me know!!