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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Oh how beautiful...

...IS this bathroom?!!
Goodness me, i so wish i wasn't a Gemini-totally indecisive, split personality-half of me loving this, but half of me knowing its totally impractical in our home...A grubby farmer and beautiful pale Cath Kidston towels-they just dont go do they??

This is one of many images ive come across in my search for bathroom inspiration.
Ive chosen a bath, its double ended, so that all three of my babies can fir comfortably in it next year, its a rather more square shape than this one though9my dream bath-grr)because i wanted to do away with the separate shower cubicle in our bathroom as space is at a premium in our little house. We will now have a shower over the bath, and beautiful Victorian style mixer taps for easy hair washing of the little people.
Ive selected the flooring, its a cushioned flooring(lino to you and me!), white with kind of large tile effect with a pale silver/grey as the faux grouting(sounds odd but its really nice!)...
We are keeping our old loo to save a few pennies....and my search for a sink continues tomorrow.

I cant decide on how i want the room to look yet, the basics are all there, white walls, white tiles(homebase-metro, they kind of look like bricks?)...but then what, do i want shabby chic country style?Seaside theme(tasteful) with driftwood fish and blue bath mat?. Or maybe a pale green paint on the walls and some cream roman blinds?!

Its all so confusing! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!xxx


All things nice... said...

I love that bathroom too and have featured it on my blog lots of times. I just love it. I bought the cath kidston towel too for my new home. I have told my boyfriend the upstairs bathroom is for me and him only when he is clean and he can use the shower room downstairs for when he comes in from the farm. I saw that bath in homebase at the weekend and looked at the price it was €1,000- I couldn't believe it. I did see some nice wash hand basins though which were reasonably priced. You will have to show us all a photo of your completed bathroom. I have some photos of bathroom on my blog too if you want to take a look. I have one ready to post with that bathroom in it too :)

All things nice...

bellaboo said...

That is my dream bathroom! What ever you decide for your bathroom,I'm sure it will be lovely. :0)

Lydia @ Twelve said...

Hello Kirsty - we are about to tackle our ensuite. Keeping it white like you, which mean I can change the finishing touches as my mood changes.... which happens too often!

Do like the Cath look, - perhaps Mr P could have a scrub down in the yard?? I have 2 cyclists, that get very muddy, so am often tempted!


Summer Blue said...

Don't know if I'll be much help here or just confuse matters but in the en-suite at our old house we also had Metro tiles (which I hate to say it, but were really horrible to clean) and a roll top bath against a wall, which I found totally impractical with small children, which as you know, prefer the water 'out' of the bath rather than 'in' it! This meant lots of swearing under my breath when having to lie flat on the bathroom floor trying to reach to the back and mop it all up!! Although it sounds like you've decided against a roll top.

Have you seen the 'pool bath' at the Bathroom store? it's huge and great for 3 littlies.

I love to mix old with new, lots of white with a vintage style french mirror above a contemporary sink. Or to find an old cabinet and have a sink fitted into it.

I love Carols bathroom she recently did over at 'Katherines Dream'.

Can't wait to see what you decide on.

Take care,

Serenata said...

Oh I'm hoping we will do our bathroom this year as well. No idea what to do as yet so will be watching your progress eagerly!