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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Is it? It is, im sure it it, its still January, right?
Well today has taken me by surprise. If it were a saturday, you'd see your neighbours out washing their cars and weeding the borders to allow all those new shoots to breathe and bathe in a little sunshine.
Yes thats what we have today, some sunshine, and a little wind(oh matron!).
Today, Tuesday the 25th January the first day ive been able to hang washing outside this year.
I had to, i couldn't bear to stuff things into the tumble dryer and live with the guilt when there is a gentle breeze and a few rays smiling down on us.
I hope you have a day soon wherever you are which gives you this simple satisfying pleasure, i know down here we dont have it as tough as some of you who read my blog up north!

The girls even rediscovered this at the weekend, their beloved trampoline; sunbathing deck, stage, Olympic bouncing championship venue etc. And im hoping that we can all start to get out there more and more from now on as i feel so sad to look out at my garden all lifeless at the moment.
This field of fodder beet has now all been harvested, its looking a bit barren!

Looks bright but im hoping those grey clouds in the background float away!
Ive opened all the windows in the house to have a good air, washed our bedding, as well as the clothes Mr P wore shooting yesterday....spring is just around the corner, and i picture myself stood here with my apron and flip flops on hanging out washing with my new baby sleeping peacefully in a pram parked beside me ....ah, i cant wait.

Look how sad my little apple tree is looking?? Ive not even been out there to clear the leaves because off the bump in the last few months. I'll add them to the 'to do' list.

Oh, and now the weather is looking 'up', so is the workload, Mr P just popped in for a flask of coffee as he's going out ploughing...and so it begins...

Lots of love,
Kirsty xoxo


bellaboo said...

I like the new script for you blog! I wish it was nice enough to hang my washing out.Not a puff of wind or sunshine around here for days.Send some my way please! :0)

Sheila said...

ok, now i dont want this to seem too weird, but i adore washing lines like yours!!! OK, that does sound weird... i love them, they look really romantic to me, so very, very beautiful pics.

Debdor said...

I think that the small pleasures in life are the best, and make it either good or bad! Cant wait to see your finished bathroom, oh and the bump in a pram...

Emma said...

ooh how broody am i now for a baby in a pram!!
here in warwickshire we have had plenty of windy days to hang out the washing but not much sun, hopefully there will be some soon...i have seen daff shoots poking through, so the blanket of winter seems to be on the way out.

VintageVicki said...

There's something very special about the first line of washing of the year - I know coz I blogged about this last week.

Here's to many more good drying days.

Oh and its great to read that someone else is a pinny wearer ;)

Victoria said...

Yes - it seemed so Springlike earlier in the week .... wishful thinking methinks! x

Secretary at Large said...

Hope you don't mind me joining in. You all sound like young mums and I'm a grandma but I believe I'm on the same wavelength - shabby chic, Cath Kidston, lines of washing etc. Oh how I agree with all the comments about washing on the line. Mine's in the tumble dryer at the moment because its raining up here in the North East but I love to hang it on the line whenI can

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Lovely snap shot of life Kirsty, I really enjoyed it. If only it were clothes drying weather here...... soon I hope,

Sarah x

Locket Pocket said...

Lovely photos! How long until the bump arrives? Lucy x

jessica daisy said...

thanks for the comment, I've sent your invite!
The sunshine hasn't really made an appearance in Essex yet, can't wait to get out in the garden for a clear out.
Congratulations on your new bump BTW!

Jess x