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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Special indulgence

So today, i indulged myself in something special....i've had a CK carrier bag sat at the end of my bed with this special purchase sat in it since the week before Christmas. Do you do what i do and even though your purchase is for you-you ask for it to be gift wrapped?-its not just me right?
Love love love the pretty tissue paper and bag and sticker!

More wrapping...have you guessed yet?..

Hmmm...looks tiny doesnt it?...weeell..

And here we have it-one hospital bag!!...Now, dont get me wrong, i am only(nearly) 27 weeks but im the sort of person who has to have things organised...i need to be able to see things, to touch them, to feel 'right'. And i am going for the hat-trick and praying for a 3rd homebirth, but, BUT what if i do need to transfer...well, a tesco carrier wont cut it will it?!

So, i purchased the bath flowers foldaway holiday bag in the sale, a great bargain, plus i love it, the pattern, size, colour, the fact its waterproof inside?!

I then started on the special bit, the selecting. I 'selected' four sleepsuits(white)four vests(white)four muslin squares(white) and the most beautiful(white)hand knitted cardigan, completed and given to me just last week by a very thoughtful work colleague. I was truly touched and cried-there and then, in my seat!
Ive also added my beautiful knitted mamas and papas blanket...ive had it for ages now-my mum bought it for me as although she can crochet-i just fell in love with it...i'll take it to bed with me a few times in the run up to d-day so it has my smell on it.
Oh and then there's the obligatory nappies and wipes...and some 'other' stuff, which i wont bore you with.!

Ah...and relax.
Im content now.
Love Kirsty


Jennifer said...

I always had my hospital bag packed way before my babies were due as well. Yours is fantastic, what a great bag.

Poppy And Ruby said...

Aw thanks Jennifer...its huge too! Much bigger than it looks in the photos xxx

bellaboo said...

Nice to be fully prepared... and with such a gorgeous bag too! :0)

Andi's English Attic said...

Everything looks so good. I understand why you've prepared early - it's just pleasant to gaze at. xx

charl said...

awww im soo broody!!
love the bag its so pretty.. i loved packing my hospital bag, i did it ages in advance and use to take things out and put other things in.. think it was the control freak in me!!

Nellilou said...

Gorgeous...including the gift r
wrap and tissue ;o)....OMG you are prepared!!!! I got mine ready at about 35 weeks!!! WIsh I was as sorted as you....XX

Victoria said...

Gorgeously prepared. You will enjoy just looking at it. x

MelMel said...

Oh its so esciting....waiting for a new bay to come!
I love all the special wee baby bits n bobs....love Melxxx

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

We have had a huge snow storm here in New England and school was canceled. I've been going through all my blogging friends and reading . Found your blog and love it. Really enjoyed my visit and am looking forward to many more.

All things nice... said...

Oh good luck to you, I friend had a baby boy yesterday evening. I blogged about Cath Kidston bags yesterday :)

All things nice...

Emma said...

argh woman you are making me sooo broody!!
the bag is soooo nice i love bath flowers.

Motyl said...

I love the bag. It is very pretty. I remember organising mine for the birth of my daughter, such lovely tiny clothes.
I hope you get the birth you want to have.

Tracy x

periwinkle said...

there's nothing better than seeing all the tiny white things together, so sweet