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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

More bathrooms!

Hi girls, ive found a few more inspirational bathroom photos on the web which i thought id share with you as its always nice to have lots of images to ooh and aah at in a post!

Some of these i really like, and others i just like bits of.
When i wrote this post a week ago, the latest in our redevelopment was that we'd put in the sink and bath, but realised that the porcelain of the loo was the wrong colour in comparison!!
So, we nipped out to buy another cheap one from b&q.
How is it you can walk into that place needing a paintbrush and some more grout and you come out fifty quid lighter?
This decorating business has sucked every penny from us this month...but i know it'll be worth it.
We're almost done now, so as soon as ive finished primping and prettying i will do the grand reveal...hope you'll join me?

Anyway, back to the inspiring photos...
...Dont you just love it when there's a little chair in the bathroom? I do, i think i'll have a little ikea stool in ours though.
But, saying that, it did occur to me that a large bottom like mine on a wooden stool may leave indentations in the new floor! Arrgh, why is this so complicated?!

I like how they've used a square bath in this one, and still managed to give the room a 'shabby chic' look...
Im thinking a colour scheme like this one is a good plan-that way, as someone suggested on the last post-accessories can easily be swapped around as the mood takes me!

Im firmly blaming my indecisiveness on the fact that im a Gemini...i want a bit of all of these rooms!
But i do have a thin framework which im sticking to, i want space, simple-clean lines, functionality, easy to clean...um, i think thats it for now?!....watch this space.
Love Kirsty x0x0


bellaboo said...

Ooh,I love all the bathrooms you've featured! I must admit to being a bit OCD when it comes to my bathroom,straightening the towels after Mr Boo has been in there and arranging clean soap in the dish etc.There was an ugly,orange border on the tiles when we moved into the house which I've painted over blue.There was no way I could have lived with them.I mean my CK towels would have clashed terribly! ;0)

bibbitybob said...

Lovely photos, thanks for sharing! I've bookmarked some of them to inspire my bathroom re-do (again...I didn't like the first colour, oops!) x