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Sunday, 12 September 2010

September 2010!

Just found this old post of photos, from back in sepetmber last year...thought id post it anyway as it gives a little bit of colour on what is otherwise a very dismal weekend!
So, im writing this retrospectively, but the moments are etched in my mind....

This is Lucy, our little chick you may remember from last easter? She is the loveliest friendliest chicken we've ever had, during the summer months when the kitchen window was left open late into the evenings this is where we'd find her sat!-On the worktop by the toaster! You can see its late in the day as ruby is in her jammies!...

This was from a little farm trip we took-love baby goats-even if they do chew your sleeves/camera case/buggy!

Now, last year, im ashamed to say that our lawn only received a short back and sides about 3 times? IF THAT! So, when dad was home with enough time to do it, the little ladies took full advantage-whizzing around until bedtime!
Then, one day disaster struck. Mr P and i were woken at 7am by his brother banging on our bedroom wall and shouting 'everybody out' we knew then that something major had happened. We threw on our dressing gowns and ran next door with the dogs, by this time Rich was sat in his land rover with his hand on the horn continually. What had caused the commotion was the fact that their electrical fuse box in the kitchen had caught fire. He was in the car so that he could race down to the end of the truck to guide the fire brigade , but mr swapped with him so he could grab an extinguisher and try and put the fire out.

Luckily my girls were not home on this occasion but our niece and nephew Ellie and Charlie were terrified to say the least so i stood in the garden with their mummy and calmed them down. The fire was out by the time the fire brigade arrived but they had to use their giant fan to get rid of all the smoke in the house. Let this be a lesson to you all-this family had built in smoke alarms which were connected to their fuse box-which didnt go off-they should have-because they had battery back up-to this day we still dont know why they didnt but please please if you do one thing after reading this-CHECK YOUR SMOKE ALARMS-rant over. If this family had been in bed an extra 10 minutes on this occasion the end result could have been a whole lot different.

These are my beautiful girls-obviously im biased!-dressed for summer.

I still cant quite believe they're going to be big sisters again...!

This was kinda how i felt during the whole of the six weeks holidays-like i was on the crazy bus!We went to the new forest county show-just me and them, and had a lovely time...

Which is where i took this photo...it makes me *beam*!!!!!

Love Kirsty xxx