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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Happy April all!

Heeelllllooooooooooo! Hi ya, its me! you remember me down you? Bout 5'6, blonde hair, oversized bottom? Hello, and how have you all been ?
Ive been happily busily making the most of the lovely springy weather, although we have had a spout of rain but that seems to have gone for a couple of days.
Last week was spent at Mr P's parents farm while they went on a jolly to scotland before things get busy. So here's the little man in front of the Aga, his favourite place, no doubt.
Now im home ive finally gotten round to writing this post for you all, just a catch up of whats going on around the place at the moment-another 'episode' as Gem calls them!

A couple more pictures of my shadow(Ted) and murph the gorgeous boy on spring days...

I recently tackled the front borders, and since these photographs were taken even more has sprung to life....coming up ive got tulips, hacinths, lupins, salvias, hostas, a peony and a giant poppy, amongst other things.
This is the view out of the back hedge at the end of the garden....look closely, what can you see?..
Piggies! Yes ive finally taken a couple of photos to show them to you. Its strange to stand at the backdoor with a cuppa in the morning and hear their squeals, sometimes i honestly think its a baby crying, they sound so similar! Every few days they move the pens either forward or back so that they're on new ground and this week they're quite close, so i guess you could say its smelling like a proper farm now! As our land stretches quite far through the village i get lots of comments at the school gates, people generally wondering how things are going, which is really nice. And im pleased to say we're doing even better than hoped, with many more pigs than we needed by this stage of the year.

This is a cake i baked for a friend at work recently, the girls LOVE the sparkly glitter we used on it, bought at the xmas CL fair, its so pretty, you should all go out and buy some, it makes fairy cakes and sponges alike just sparkle!

This is a morning view ive been enjoing for a couple of weeks.....you know how nice it is when you get up before anyone else ? Well ive got six feeders on the tree outside the kitchen window now and i adore watching the blue tits shadows through the blind as they flit about their morning business. Annoyingly my fairy lights around the window have all stopped working this week, well, they were up and switched on non stop for a whole 2.5 years so i cant complain, must get some more though as i miss the delicate light that they cast in the kitchen of an evening when its dark outside....
OOh, i almost forgot, we grew fodder beet last year, a root crop for feeding animals, and we have some lambing ewes on the field at the moment which the girls and i have been checking on, they were a little chilly on this day, but generally they love it!

......This is little Bambi(Ruby) admiring this beauty, bought from morrisons,
Today she has a large blue unicorn plaster on her forehead due to falling over on a wooden bridge and hitting her head on a rock, its quite swollen with a hole! Poor baby, she was in my mums care so i blame her! We had some quality time together as school finished on tuesday.
Her sister has gone off to the cinema with her best friend. An afternoon at the local pool for us, she now snorning on the sofa next to me and im getting quite into the episode of Merlin which i put on for her to watch!
She picked me some of these, which have sprung up in my lawn! Grr...

And have you had many of these in your patch? Bumbleees we call them, dopey bumble bees. They seem to be just waking from their slumber and are not quite with it yet!

Im not the only one enjoying the sunshine....
Look at the buds on my apple tree-ooh i cant wait for that beautiful blossom this year. Im going to plant a wildflower patch just behing it, in a half moon around the playhouse, exciting stuff.
I dont think i showed you much of the playhouse last year. Mr P built it for the little ladies and i just love it, its a real feature of my garden, I especially like the heart cut out in the door, This year im going to do lots to it. Pots on the veranda, bunting, comfy furniture and even carpet, so watch this space-and nag me it i dont do it!
Primroses...simple, uplifting...

This was the front border a week or two ago, as i said before , its really coming to life now. Looking at the photos of it from last year i cant wait for it to come into bloom!

Want to know something else getting us all excited here at woodington? Well, its going on in this shed...
This is my lovely lady who decided she was broody, so, eventhough its a little early on in the season, ive let her sit on her eggs and she's been a fantastic mum so far, hardly leaving them. Can you all keep your fingers crossed for us that we have some fluffy little chick a dees in time for easter?!
Oh its been a busy month, gardening, training, and yet another birthday! Bambi was 5, here she is her usual eclectic self, wellies and a ballerina skirt, contemplating picking one of mummies daffs'. She asked me today whether they are wild flowers, then proceeded to tell me that if they are its against the law to pick them. Smart girl, although i dont think they'd throw hew in jail-shes talk them all to sleep!
My favourite of her bday cards...By belle and boo, find more of their enchanting work HERE.

And last but not least, here's the beautiful Hermione, who is sleeping wherever she sees fit right now, she is very pregnant and the girls and i are so looking forward to having kittens around the house again(shhh, dont tell Mr P-he doesnt know yet)....Our secret?
Anyway, thats basically it from me as the other little madam should be back shortly having fully learnt how to train a dragon should she ever feel the need.
Im thinking of you all, even if ive not managed to stop by and see you, you can always check my daily whitterings on good ole facebook!
(An especially big hellloooo to my new followers!)
Lots of love Kirsty xxx

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Dear mr bank manager......

Dear Mr bank manager, i am writing to request a small loan, you see its the first day of spring today and its a little tradition of mine to invest in some new shoulder wear to accessorise my new pumps, spring flowers and sunny days, on this day each year.I have enclosed a selection of my favourites for your perusal.
If you would duely oblige i have a free window next wednesday to shop till i drop,
Kind regards,