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Friday, 27 February 2009


Ive had a lovely day today, its been sooo sunny here so i made the most if it.
After we dropped no.1 daughter to school Ruby and i donned our wellies and spent a couple of hours in the garden. She spent most of her time hopping from one mole hill to another(oh to be 3 and 3 quarters again) Meanwhile, my herb garden was mega overgrown.
Ive got Rosemary, Oregano , Sage, Thyme, and Chives. There were lots of bits of dead grass to clear, and the rosemary had got really woody so needed a good prune back-which reminds me i must add a pair of ratchet secateurs onto my birthday 'want it' list.
After the garden was tidy(a bigger job than it sounds) I pulled the car up near to the house and gave it a proper hoovering out, it was full of dog hair, cracker crumbs, dried co co pops etc, yuk.
Next it was time to take no.2 daughter to pre school for the afternoon. Dropped her off then headed over to a bead shop not too far from here for a couple of bits and tried not to spend too much as mum and i are heading to Bicester village outlet store tomorrow so need to save some pennies for CK!
I then let those lovely Asda lads put the car through their car wash for me-there was no way i was going to spend all that time making it look lovely on the inside then dribble our rubbish hose over it-no sir! So, now its sparkling and clean. We're selling it; so ive told Mr P im going to keep it like that, though think i may have bitten off more than i can chew, lol !
Was VERY restrained in Asda as they have some great home stuff at the moment and i hardly ever go there any more, will blog what i did buy later.
So, all in all a very productive day-i even hung some washing on the line! I think it must be the sight of all the daffs and crocus' which has kick started my spring cleaning, i think next i'll clean all the windows, thats a sunny day job so i wont hold my breath for another one of those...any of you ladies started yet?

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Girl power!

Oh my goodness, the excitement of yesterday has still not quite worn off....As you'll all know i LOVE the CK print-red paisley and in my desperation even posted about it to you ladies, well, the local girls were so helpful, i couldnt wait to drop the girls to school so that i could pop off to salisbuy to satisfy my urge based on the info i'd gathered....I stopped to look at these beautiful swans first-i dont think ive ever seen so many in one place before, beautiful.

I saved the best shop till last, so, my first stop was to pop into a bead shop that i had only just found out exsisted- Bijoux beads. I bought only a few special bits as theres something im planning to make, and this shop, although sells quality items, isnt the cheapest around!(i'll show you when its complete).

I saved the best till last, so my first stop was to pop into a bead shop that i had only just found out exsisted- Bijoux beads. I bought only a few special bits as theres something im planning to make, and this shop, although sells quality items, isnt the cheapest around!(i'll show you when its complete).
Next i headed to the Tourist Information Centre(which i had been reliably informed by
Mel via her blog post was packed with goodness). I was so impressed, never in one place have i found so many items by bloggers being sold, i was so so excited i cant tell you, there were things by Nicky at the vintage magpie, Cowboys and custard, cupcakes at home, Mollycupcakes, Elfie and me, as well as things by Angelic Hen, Cath Kidston, East of India, Gisella Graham, Poppy Treffry, and Lark, the list was endless! I browsed for absolutely ages, the women in there must of thought i was some sort of stalker...So....wanna check out my little haul?.....

(another shot-with flash)

Ive been after a keep calm poster of some sort for sooo long-so chuffed to have finally got one!! Red and Blue!...Next is a magnet by elfie and me which id been hankering over as it reminds me so much of Poppy(no.1 daughter), isnt she lovely?

Next up, i HAD to have one of these little key rings, i think they might be by Olive and Harry but were sold by Lark. Its only tiny but its been commented on already, and i love having things which noone else has seen before!(sorry about the crap photos btw, it was so late by the time i got thee house straight last night that picture clarity wasnt top of my list!)

Next, i just had to buy these deliciously coloured pegs by mollycupcakes, its Ruby Mille- moo's big 4th birthday next month, and as she had a mini ironing board and washing line for christmas i thought they'd look suitably beautiful for her to hang my emma bridgewater and CK tea towels on which she keeps stealing!(I will be contacting you about a possible bespoke bday prezzie too!).

When i wandered into the antiques fair i never banked on finding this little beauty, Lucy at Attic24 has raved about this little old recipe book so i couldnt believe my luck when i spotted it for a pound!.......

Although i hadnt been to this shop before and hadnt a clue where it was i soon sniffed it out....intrigued?....

My my, what could be in this lovely purple bag?....

Take a closer look....

Look look look!!!!! I got one, i got one! Im so happy, i just love it, dont you?!!!!!!

And look, a bargain price too!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously now, thanks to all you lovely blog girls who pointed me in the right direction, im a very happy girl-i dedicate this post to bloggy girl power!
So, the girls and i waited patiently(2 phone calls later)for daddys return from work so we could take part in the ceremonious pankcake making!....I let(hmmm!)daddy take over as i wanted them all to bond!!! lol....I think Pops was excited...

This was daddys first(unassisted)go....(i stood back to take photos)

And this was his second go(aided by a few pointers/hints and tips from mummy)...
Not bad?...
Check out the concentration!!!...

I must say, even though his first go was a bit of a mess, all subsequent pancakes were lovely, we had such a giggle making thema real good laugh,and the kids loved helping. They went down a storm- so well done daddy(all credit to your teacher!)!....the kids had good old lemon juice and sugar on theirs, mummy had squirty cream too!, yummy.
Hope your pancake day was as much fun as ours...

Monday, 23 February 2009


So, new catalogue is out, i have a good daily swooning sesh-and the above beauties are all on my wanted list. I LOVE them, arent they just the epitome of gorgeousness?!!...Its not my birthday until June so i wouldnt be able to have one until them, running the risk of there being a change in stock between now and then, which we know is highly possible!!!...
Anyway, maybe i shouldnt be such a greedy guts considering my mummy only just recently treated me to the red one below which i really do adore...but hey, a girl can dream...
This is my current collecting of CK bags, not huge but each one is very much loved and treasured, i also have nearly all the tesco CK bags which i always keep in the car boot.

Here is where the CK love really started for me, with my very first catalogue, i love the photo on the front cover, i think i must have been about 18 at the time?.....then my collection just grew...

Not the best photograph i know, but i keep all my CK catalogues as they're so inspirational. My girls already ask me to keep items of clothing and bags for them for 'when theyre older' so im sure they'll love these if they're into the chintz too!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Out of stock!

Can anyone shed any light on why it is such pretties are displayed on the website, yet when you try to buy them they're out of stock?!! Its soooo frustrating, im totally in love with the red paisley, but dont have so much as a coin purse in this print-not quick enough off the mark obviously. I dont require a huge sewing basket for thirty eight pounds and i dont knit-so dont need the knitting bag either...We all know that CK change stock regularly but why?!....i know i know, there are always new things for us to fall in love with but i wanted something in this print and now i'll have to pay silly ebay prices. There isnt a shop for miles around so that isnt even an option for me, i know Gem got the book bag just a short whle ago for just six tiny pounds directly from the shop! Im crossing my arms and stamping my feet in protest, are you with me fellow bloggers? x

My me day...

Now, i bet all of you girls are out enjoying this beautiful weather we're experiencing(if not why not?!). Yesterday was also gloriously sunny in this part of the country it was so nice to not have to be dressed in thermals for a trip to the shops, i wore my green wool primark double breasted swing jacket, with my big fuscia felt flower brooch, those colours makes me feel so cheery;and headed off.....As i stepped out of the porch, look who was waiting to greet me, my boys Charlie and Marv were out enjoying the sunshine too!.....

.....In a short while i arrived at the local village of stockbridge.

Isnt this the cutest little grocers you've ever seen?

Ive been there before but not spent much time properly looking in the shops-tending to just stick with this delightful tea room-Lillies, id reccomend their hot chocolate, and prawn sandwiches if you're hungry!

Please excuse the shots of cars in front of every photo, there isnt a car park here, you just pull up outside whichever shop you need-butchers bakers etc and its free to park.
Spent some time with these guys....

I love all the delightfully coloured houses.....

Now, you may have read a magazine article recently featuring the owner of this shop. Garden Inn. You must check out the website if you get a minute.

It may have been in the christmas edition of 25 beautiful homes, cant quite remember. Her home is a beautiful thatched cottage in Hampshire. The house was lovely; but the shop is even better! Packed with lots of lovely things for your garden, but also selling an array of brightly coloured bunting, hearts, floral things and general lovliness!

These little posies of flowers were so lovely, i would have loved to get some if id had more pennies!

This next shop was not within my budget(ie £70 jan constantine cushions and the like) but visually it was a treat. Crammed with all sorts of home goodies.

There was so much to see in this lovely store-there were loads of kids in there as they sell some lovely childrens toys and games, all quite traditional, but lots of unusual things for them too. There was also some emma bridgewater stuff, cards and gifts, jewellery and kitchen things. I thought this pottery was so cheery...... but mega expensive. I got a few sneaky goodies in here, i'll share those with you later in the year.

(so sorry my photography isnt better)

I bumped into this chap(who scares the kids to death), he's the mascot of the shop pictured below, Orvis. My dad buys all his fishing gear here, they also sell hunting gear and some other great country things.

Then i bumped into this chap! He's outside this little place that promotes alpaca wool.

Then theres this strange building, its kind of like a barge, placed right next to the river, but on land-really interesting. My step mum told me it used to be a petrol station, although its derelict now. There was talk that a certain Mr Ramsay was buying it for a million pounds to turn it into a restaurant.....

So, after my lovely stockbridge mooch(not particularly productive thrifting-wise as there wasnt a charity shop on sight!) i headed to Salisbury. All the regular shops were there LA, paperchase, Next etc. I didnt get much to be honest but i enjoyed my time alone...

These were my only goodies. I Laura Ashely i got two pieces of oilcloth for 50p each, bargain. I have a couple of recipe books to recover with it. Some white hot hocolate from whittards, half price(xmas stock), yummy. And this beautiful bunch of flowers from tesco-so pretty!(i also got a lovely card in paperchase for a special lady but cant show you)

I had to pop to tesco on my way back home, i got the most gorgeous pot of tet-a-tete reduced to £1,25, thats for the pot and the flowers! Its a lovely primrose yellow and ive put them next to some hyacinth bulbs i potted up in the new thrifted easter dish.

After pottering around for a while at home, unpacking shopping and catching up on a few blogs it was time to head to Em's for a lovely salmon dinner and trifle for pud! I couldnt go without taking her a few treats!..........

................we had a lovely evening, Thanks Hun!