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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Special things

We all love to surround ourselves with special things at home, those photos, momentos, pictures, they're what make it 'home'.

One of my favourite things in my house are these little pictures. They're by a lady called Helen Drewett. I bought the first of them, the house about 5 years ago, it was twelve pounds and i bought it on ebay, new directly from Helen. I quickly snapped up the heart one, once the house one had arrived and i realised what lovely quality it was. The third one, the pram, was a gift to myself after Ruby was born. We have them hanging on the wall in the hall outside our bedroom so that i can appreciate them everytime i walk past.

The craftmanship in these tiny pictures is so precise, you cant really appreciate it from these photographs. She dyes the felts used in the pictures herself and then hand stitches all the tiny pieces together.

Things like these have obviously seen a surge in popularity over the ladt few years as i see they now cost a great Ideal more than i first paid for them. If you get a chance to look at her website then do, its truely inspirational.

I hope that one day my daughters will treasure them as much as i do. x


MelMel said...

How lovely they are!
I'm sure your girls will love them.....!

I'm waiting for my fabric from St Ives CK, my friend is bring me some back to save on P&P.....3 different types of haberdashery fabric...
Then I shall be running up the bunting!

Have a good day!xxx

Jackie said...

Those pictures are lovely! I have just looked at the web site and she does have some wonderful things :O)

Attic24 said...

oh how lovely kirsty...I love Helens work also and have two of her pictures, the beach hut and the sail boat...mine are also hung on the landing outside my bedroom, close to the attic door so I see them every day too.
Have you seen pics on her websiteof where she lives and works? Her studio and garden are to die for.
Lovely that we have this in common, made me smile...