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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Girl power!

Oh my goodness, the excitement of yesterday has still not quite worn off....As you'll all know i LOVE the CK print-red paisley and in my desperation even posted about it to you ladies, well, the local girls were so helpful, i couldnt wait to drop the girls to school so that i could pop off to salisbuy to satisfy my urge based on the info i'd gathered....I stopped to look at these beautiful swans first-i dont think ive ever seen so many in one place before, beautiful.

I saved the best shop till last, so, my first stop was to pop into a bead shop that i had only just found out exsisted- Bijoux beads. I bought only a few special bits as theres something im planning to make, and this shop, although sells quality items, isnt the cheapest around!(i'll show you when its complete).

I saved the best till last, so my first stop was to pop into a bead shop that i had only just found out exsisted- Bijoux beads. I bought only a few special bits as theres something im planning to make, and this shop, although sells quality items, isnt the cheapest around!(i'll show you when its complete).
Next i headed to the Tourist Information Centre(which i had been reliably informed by
Mel via her blog post was packed with goodness). I was so impressed, never in one place have i found so many items by bloggers being sold, i was so so excited i cant tell you, there were things by Nicky at the vintage magpie, Cowboys and custard, cupcakes at home, Mollycupcakes, Elfie and me, as well as things by Angelic Hen, Cath Kidston, East of India, Gisella Graham, Poppy Treffry, and Lark, the list was endless! I browsed for absolutely ages, the women in there must of thought i was some sort of stalker...So....wanna check out my little haul?.....

(another shot-with flash)

Ive been after a keep calm poster of some sort for sooo long-so chuffed to have finally got one!! Red and Blue!...Next is a magnet by elfie and me which id been hankering over as it reminds me so much of Poppy(no.1 daughter), isnt she lovely?

Next up, i HAD to have one of these little key rings, i think they might be by Olive and Harry but were sold by Lark. Its only tiny but its been commented on already, and i love having things which noone else has seen before!(sorry about the crap photos btw, it was so late by the time i got thee house straight last night that picture clarity wasnt top of my list!)

Next, i just had to buy these deliciously coloured pegs by mollycupcakes, its Ruby Mille- moo's big 4th birthday next month, and as she had a mini ironing board and washing line for christmas i thought they'd look suitably beautiful for her to hang my emma bridgewater and CK tea towels on which she keeps stealing!(I will be contacting you about a possible bespoke bday prezzie too!).

When i wandered into the antiques fair i never banked on finding this little beauty, Lucy at Attic24 has raved about this little old recipe book so i couldnt believe my luck when i spotted it for a pound!.......

Although i hadnt been to this shop before and hadnt a clue where it was i soon sniffed it out....intrigued?....

My my, what could be in this lovely purple bag?....

Take a closer look....

Look look look!!!!! I got one, i got one! Im so happy, i just love it, dont you?!!!!!!

And look, a bargain price too!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously now, thanks to all you lovely blog girls who pointed me in the right direction, im a very happy girl-i dedicate this post to bloggy girl power!
So, the girls and i waited patiently(2 phone calls later)for daddys return from work so we could take part in the ceremonious pankcake making!....I let(hmmm!)daddy take over as i wanted them all to bond!!! lol....I think Pops was excited...

This was daddys first(unassisted)go....(i stood back to take photos)

And this was his second go(aided by a few pointers/hints and tips from mummy)...
Not bad?...
Check out the concentration!!!...

I must say, even though his first go was a bit of a mess, all subsequent pancakes were lovely, we had such a giggle making thema real good laugh,and the kids loved helping. They went down a storm- so well done daddy(all credit to your teacher!)!....the kids had good old lemon juice and sugar on theirs, mummy had squirty cream too!, yummy.
Hope your pancake day was as much fun as ours...


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh so glad you got the bag and some lovely shopping done as well!!! bloggy power worked its magic :-)
yummy pancakes !
Lesley x

MelMel said...


I'm so chuffed you got! I love it!
Lovely bits n bobs too!

A happy day all round!xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Hiya, I'm so pleased you gave Salisbury another try! I know we don't have everything but there are some gems waiting to be discovered :)

What a bargain from Lulu's, I must go in there again soon!

I'm glad someone else thinks the TIC is great too, I was soooo pleased to see all the other bloggers things on sale there. I spend hours wandering about in there too :D

Mel xxx

Hollypop's said...

Love the bag, lucky you. You certainly found some pretty bits.
The pancakes look delicious.
Take care.

jo said...

Whised I lived nearer to Salisbury!!

Sal said...

I must take a trip to Salisbury !!
Sounds like you gave yourself a fab time !! ;-)

Jackie said...

Glad you found your bag - and at a bargain price too! I love those spotty mollycupcake pegs and I bet the pancakes tasted delicious :O)

Pixiedust said...

I think I had better visit Salisbury. You got some lovely goodies. xxxx

Lydia said...

What a lovely day shopping - I hope you managed to put youyr feet up whilst the pancakes were being cooked.... Look forward to seeing your beady creation .... I have a Be-Ro Cookbook (38th edition) have just inherited it from my mum - I used it as a child.

Enjoy your CK bag

Love Lydia xx

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Wow what a great selction of goodies, I love them all!! What a great buy with the CK bag, I've bought from Lu Lu's website, they have some fantastic stuff!!
I love pancakes, well done to your hubby, love the pic of him concentrating!!
Claire xx

LittleGem said...

So pleased you found a bag, and a bargain one too. Love all your blogger bits too, especially those pretty pegs, your pancakes turned out well in the end! x

MelMel said...

I'm a bit worried about myself...I've been in 6 times to gaze at it...take it off....ponder and then put it all back!xxx

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Kirsty,
I have to say a big thank you for the fab photos of my pegs and yes I'd love to have a go at a bespoke birthdya gift for your little one's birthday next month. Please just email me and we'll go from there.
I'm going to be doing another order for the fabulous TIC shop very soon. It's wonderful to hear that a few bloggers have been in and not only spied some of my stock but other wonerful crafty bloggers too.
Claire from Elfie & me is just round the corner and my best friend and Tracy from Cupcakes at home is my dearest and sadly missed so much friend in the whole world, it truly is a small in blogland lol
It's lovely to hear your takign part in my heart swap and it's your first yeay! I hope you enjoy it.
Fab looking pancakes, we missed that day indoors but the cupcakes had some at playgroup.
Looking forward to hearing from you sweetie.
Catherine x

Ali ~ Betty & Violet said...

Well done on getting the bargain CK red paisley bag ~ I am just a little partial to this pattern myself. Lucky me got the button tin and storage box for Xmas - but the bag, alas no!

Loved all your purchases!

claire said...

Very Very Jealous at your haul:)
What a fab bargain that gorgeous bag was - I love Red Paisley too.
Thank you for visiting me - I'm glad I found you - your blog looks great and you are right...I think we will have lots in common :) Xx

MaryPoppins said...

Gorgeous pretties :)

I love the little key rings so cute, like your blog :)