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Friday, 20 February 2009

Busy day busy night!

Hello all, ive had a lovely leiurely day of peace today, just me myself and i....bet you'd like to know what i got up to?....Firsty, i popped to the beautiful village of Stockbridge, just down the road from me, you'd have all loved it...then went on to have a look round Salisbury-the cathedral city. It was busy, but i wasnt harrassed and dragging two little people along; i was calm and serene!....Now i am just sitting here blogging while i wait for my hair colour to develop, then im off to my oldest and bestest friend Em's house for a lovely girly meal and some chatter! Arent i lucky, what a lovely me day....I will post lots of piccies for you all tomorrow, gotta go!
Lots of love, Kirsty xxx


MelMel said...

Sounds perfect!
Have fun!xx

Bobo Bun said...

Just found you through MelMel. Lovely blog and what a perfect day. As much as we all adore our kids we really need these top up days don't we.