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Friday, 13 February 2009

This months thrifty finds

Well, it seems so far has been a great month for thrifty finds. I tend to do the local charity shops once or twice a week, either with the little lady; or without if she's at preschool, she heads straight to the toys and books, and i scoot over to the china and glass section, sweeping by fabrics/bedding as i go. Now, as a teen, you wouldnt get me anywhere near a charity shop, but as ive got older ive learned to LOVE them, i somehow feel that im getting real bargains, treasures, and feel lucky as i quickly shuffle out, knowing that whatever i picked will make me smile everytime i look at- it having already picked in my mind the perfect spot for it at home.
Heres what ive found in the month so far....

I ventured by chance into a long forgotten about charity shop in my local town the other day(Ludabelle-is was wessex cancer trust/Daisies in Romsey), and firstly i picked up a set of six of these cups by the fabulous company Rice, the girls absolutely LOVE them, in a wonderful array of pastel colours, and i only paid one tiny pound for the whole box-brand new and sealed!

Next i went over to the fabric/bedding part and knelt down to rummage through a laundry basket full of pillowcases, not just any old pillowcases, these were vintage cotton, some lace egded, some oxford and some embroidered,pillowcases, i adore white bedding and could'nt believe how crisp white they all were. I picked up four-at 50p each i couldnt leave them there. I was sent back the next day to get two more for my mum. You just cant beat the feeling of sleeping on lovely cotton can you?

When i saw this bowl initially i thought it was a bit old fashioned(not meant in the good vintage term) and i hesitated, then i thought 'actually it'll be perfect for easter time', those colours are just lovely. I can imagine it planted with bulbs, or maybe piled with mini eggs for the little ladies, yes for one pound, i had to have it.

Now, i think this is the favourite thing from this months finds, its such a sweet jug, by Gabriella Miller, i only paid £3 for it, when i saw it there on the top shelf i grabbed it and took it over for the lady at the till to look after while i browsed, A, so that i didnt drop it, and B, so that noone else nabbed it while i was browsing! (As if there was about to be a scuffle in the charity shop over a jug-but you never know!) dont you just love it?-i do!

I got this little brooch from Oxfam, it was £2.99, which is more than id usualy pay for such a small pin, but i adore it. Ive been collecting these coalport style brooches for about a year as you can easily pick them up-noone seems to love them anymore. The rest of my collection are below.

That reminds me actually, Wendy(see below) gave me a tiny one like this with a purple Viola flower on it and i cant remember where it is, thats the problem with these, i pop them onto whichever jumper or coat im wearing them hang things back up without taking them off-must hunt for it!

You see, i also adore car boot sales and usually go to at least 2 local ones every sunday(when im not working)from about march onwards, during the winter thrifting in charity shops seems to fill the void that boot sales leave, they're also a family affair as i normally go with my mum, auntie, and my late grannys best friend Wendy, who also has regular stalls(wendy is the knowledge when it comes to vintage things, jewellery and many other things; also a seamstress by trade she can work miracles on anything!)
Lastly i got this Sharps Toffee tin in the British heart foundation, i had to have it of course, its a tin, with roses on it -dah-no brainer.

Lovin those swags!...Any suggestions of what i might keep in it?

Now, i bet alot of you girls pick up lovely fabric from charity shops and turn it into wonderful things-right? Well, im not very good with a sewing machine although i have resolved to practice and get better, so when i saw this lovely tartan fabric i snapped it up.
It was attached to a piece of cardboard which said 'A Skirt Length-Edinborough Wool Mill'.Id say from around 1970?, The lady at the till said 'i was waiting for someone to buy these, are you going to make yourself some skirts dear?' to which i replied-'oh no, just some cushions', she looked slightly horrified. I skipped off ever so chuffed with myself as there was not one, but two of these 'skirt lengths', one in the red and green tartan and one in a lovely brown and duck egg blue(which i forgot to photograh). As there were instructions detailing exactly how to construct said skirt i presume that that was the done thing a while ago......I however intend to make them into cushions as christmas gifts, the fabric really spoke to me, i can imagine cushions adorned with 2 or 3 large old buttons, perfect for the in laws or parents homes.

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Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

I must say everything is lovely but the jug is divine.

How wonderful for you, doesn't it give you just the greatest feeling?

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy