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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

25 Things About Me!

I was tagged on facebook today by my close friend Andrea to reveal 25 things about myself....thought you might find it interesting!...

1. I LOVE sweets but I HATE jelly babies
2. I gave birth at home-twice
3. I donated breast milk to my local hospital for the premie babies
4. I always wanted to be a barmaid when I grew up-although I never have been
5. I have my ears pierced four times in each ear, although I only use one in each(god knows what I was thinking!)
6. Ive been married
7. My favourite food is chicken tikka marsala

8. My favoutite smell is pears soap
9. After being blonde for 25 years I am currently a brunette!
10. I would like 2 more babies…now!(twins run in Mr P’s family)
11. I love driving-and it’s a case of having to where we live as these are no pavements.
12. Im scared of high open spaces
13. Im a typical Gemini
14. I never bite my nails
15. I only discovered blogging when I saw one of Nickys rabbits featured in CL
16. I have two cockerals named Charlie and Marv….and no hens!
17. I can drive a tractor
18. I am terrible with money
19. Im terrified of rollercoasters and would NEVER go on one
20. I have NO desire to leave this country to travel or see the world.
21. Im scared of swimming in the sea
22. I need alot of sleep.
23. I can stand on my head
24. I love angel delight
25. Im very short sighted.

I tag the follwing five ladies to tell us their 25 revelations!
Nicky-The vintage Magpie
Mel-at home with melmel
Gem-little Gems world


LittleGem said...

Oh thankyou for tagging me :) I didn't have a post planned for today but now I do! I am a gemini too but I do bite my nails (yucky) X

MelMel said...

Thank you for the tag....I'll do it very soon!xxxx

Attic24 said...

I'll ponder the tag...I liked the very randomness of your 25 things!