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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My bling

Recently, Gem, of little Gems world, blogged about some of her lovely collection of jewellery, so, i thought id show you a peak of mine! Thanks for the inspiration Gem x

Firstly, these are my bracelets, i have a few more but these are my very most favouritist(in the words of Lola!) I always keep them stashed away in my EB tin in my underwear drawer otherwise i find that little ladies like to share them!

Next up we have my four most favouritist rings, the one on the far left was given to my by my lovely auntie mandy. Although ive only borrowed it she knows she wont be seeing it in her jewellery box again! The next is a huge anemonie, my favourite flower, bought for me by my mum from accessorize, its a real statement ring, i wear it usually with a plain black dress. The next is my freshwater pearl/crystal ring from last years CL Fair, so beautiful. And the last is a silver ring from past times, a lovely shop. Alot of people comment on my rings so its nice that people approve of my choices!

All of my necklaces are hung on my east of india peg rail, although its getting a little too weighed down! I love button jewellery the most, lots of different things appeal to me though, vintage, modern etc, but also i often wear one of my own creations.

Next up, these are my 'bling rings' none of them were expensive but the little bit of sparkle makes me smile.

And this is where my treasures are stashed............

All of my dangly earrings are hung from my vintage glass fruit stand.

I thought this photo would turn out better, i love my sparkly treasures!

Loving the vintage look...

A few more lovely bracelets.


LittleGem said...

Oh I love it! So many pretty things, I especially like your brooches and colourful beady bits! The way you have displayed them is really original too - what a fab idea about the fruit stand! X

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oooo very nice indeedy i would love a collection like that :-)
(still waiting for folksy to send me an email to complete my registration so apols its taking so long it usually instant when they do that so a bit fed up ive beenwaiting since early afternoon to complete the purchase!)
Lesley x

jo said...

The vintage ones are my faves I know what you mean about swimmng in the sea!!

rachel the krafty girl said...

ooh i love all the pretty pretty things!
and displayed so sweetly too!

Pixiedust said...

Lovely Bling, love the fruit stand display, very pretty! xxx