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Friday, 13 February 2009

My little bits of craftiness

Well hello there lovely ladies, ive been quite poorly this week and last, maybe all that snow excitment was just too much for me as ive been suffering from nasty palpitations, as well as flu/tonsilitis!......Reading so many blogs really is quite inspirational and im sure writing one is to become quite cathartic, im hoping anyway!

Today i thought id show you some of the pretties i like to make, the necklaces are my favourite, i think theyre quite unusual and i like the quirkiness of the different glass beads i find. I make them mostly as gifts for friends and family at the moment but do intend to start selling them at some point. When i started to make glass bead jewellery i soon realised how few and far between bead shops are these days, i guess its the same for wool/yarn shops etc too, its such a shame, but i guess we live in such a throwaway world now that there arent many of us who indulge in such crafty activities. Just this christmas i thought id purchase a knitting bag for Mr P's granny, she knits hats for newborn babies. It took weeks of searching to find a nice one, within my price range(love these although they were a little too pricy!)..

Eventually i got one from C&H Fabrics, a shop in Winchester, she was thrilled. Anyway, ive rabbited on enough........let me know what you think..........


Jackie said...

Hope you are feeling a bit better now! Your necklaces and bracelets are lovely and you should definately think about selling them :O)

Blueberry Heart said...

Hi there, just found your blog and its really lovely! I too have a bit of a thing for hearts!! cant have enough of them can you! Love your jewellery too, so pretty. Will be a frequent visitor to your blog if you dont mind.

MelMel said...

So sorry you have been poorly...hope you feel better soon..

Your home is adorable, absolutly beautiful!

I am wearing the bracelet, tis the day for as many hearts as poss!

I'm going with my very own Mr Darcy to Pemberley now, (Lyme Hall) for lunch and a walk....

Have a super day!xxxx