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Friday, 13 February 2009


Hi all, now that we're all starting to calm down, the initial snow exctitement is waning and life kinda seems to be getting back to normal, im itching to start spring cleaning! I keep spotting little things which need properly sorting, organising, cleaning etc, any of you ladies starting to flirt with your CK washing line products?!

......I always start the week thinking, right, girls(ages nearly 4 and just 5) will be out of the house for at least half the day on monday or thursday (or whenever it might be)so i'll have plenty of time to whiz round the house like a housewife godess Anthea Turner would be proud of, and on their return things will be calm and peaceful.

The reality is however, i make a cuppa, switch on my laptop and get sucked into the world of blogging, peaking into other peoples homes and lives. Its so fascinaing, its like driving around of a winters evening and looking through the windows of the people who dont have nets and who dont draw their curtains!(you know you do it too!). The photos i'll show you in this post are of a home which is constantly a work in progress, there are many horrible bits, so i will show you only the bits i like!

This room is our guest room/craft room/playroom/overlfow wardrobe/dumping ground....

As much as i enjoy the novelty of a perfectly ship shape house, reality doesnt take long to kick in.....Some of you have asked me to elaborate on our life on the farm. Well, living with a farmer is very hard work, its not like being in a normal house, where a husband would come in from work at 6 or 7 and have a shower, maybe bath the kids or help make dinner together etc, Mr P sometimes often works through the night in the summer, and in winter he's normally home at around 8pm at the earliest....so, if there's anything to be done, guess who has to do it!...

Our dog Murphy lives in the kitchen, because he's a proper working dog he's always filthy, before i can take photos for blog posts i have to clean everything thoroughly, the dust he shakes off gets everywhere!..Most of our house is basic, to say the least, we cant be prescious about the furniture that we have, thats why i like to indulge in pretty things which cant get too messy, like my mugs and trinkets and pictures.Our home isnt a showhome, its a proper farmhouse, where muddy boots arent taken off,theres always a bowl of washing up and you never know when a stinky pig farmer will be dropping in for tea!

I though you might like to see a few little bits of the shabby chic shack-or home, as we like to call it.........................X

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Pixiedust said...

You have a beautiful Home Kirsty. xxx