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Monday, 14 September 2015

Im back!..Again!

I know I know, it happened again!..
I said I would keep up with my blog and look, another year has gone by already!.. Seriously how does that happen?
I have no idea, but anyway I'm here now so enough of the mummy guilt!

It's 3am, and I've been inspired (by reading the 'home that made me' blog, by the lovely Charlotte Valentine!) to update my own blog as it was such a lovely diary to be able look back on!
Can you believe I've had my blog about seven years now?..where did the years go?!

So Mr P has finally finished harvest-thank god. It's been really hard work this past couple of weeks, just doing bedtime by yourself, & being the only person who ever tidies up the house, walking the dogs, food shopping, general day-to-day chores and every day life in general-sitting down at the end of the day & having no one to 'share' with has been tough! This Sunday he spent the entire day mowing beautiful stripes in the lawn, and tidying all of Williams hideous garden toys away! So although he wasn't 'in' the house, it was still lovely to have him around!

I'm now 32 weeks pregnant, and it's going by so quickly!...
With this post I thought I would just update you on our lives in general, bring you up to speed on what's been going on around here lately?

So it was Wills first full day at school yesterday, I'm a bit sad for him as he's not the most confident of children and he hasn't bound in with endless energy. Maybe the fact that he didn't go to preschool with his classmates has set him off on the wrong foot?.. I'm sure in a few weeks time he'll make some firm friends, for now, I'll be gentle with him & make sure he's well fed, & in bed on time every night, tired children do not make happy children in my experience!

Poppy started senior school too, and whilst she doesn't love the idea of school (neither did ,I I can't exactly blame her!) she's settling in really well, is being very organised about her homework & is up on time for her mini bus every morning! 

Ruby has been her usual self, very helpful, talks endlessly about the baby, & is pretty much always in a good mood! Go Ruby!

I've been trying to be super organised now that the kids have gone back to school, just doing one little thing each day has been a huge help. 
From sorting out a box of photos, to washing and putting away a bag of baby clothes I've been given or maybe even just sorting the dog leads into their own 'place', I feel like if I can do a little bit at a time it won't seem like such an overwhelming task!..I really do believe in the 'tidy house tidy mind' mantra, and I'd like things to be a little more organised around here, before little miss parsnips makes her arrival!

Next on the list is Williams huge mountain of farm toys and books! There are just so many, that at the moment, I can't see the wood for the trees, and I feel like they're overtaking the downstairs of our house!.. Once I've cleared them all, it'll be a little easier to see any options of Christmas present ideas too..! 

Don't get me wrong, before you start start shouting 'wow you're so organised', don't forget I'm due to have a baby on 7th of November, & I don't plan on doing any Christmas shopping between then & December 25th-if I've managed to leave the house for a pint of milk in that time I'll be giving myself a huge high five!!
I'm just eagerly anticipating the shops stocking their Christmas wrap right now-come on hurry up!! Then I can really crack on. I hate wrapping & the sooner it's over with, the better!

Well, that's it, you're all caught up I think?
If here's anything you'd like me to blog about, maybe leave me a comment either on here or on my Instagram page & I'll get writing! 

Lots of love, 
Kirsty xxx

Friday, 31 October 2014


(Its really not..but when you spend all day surrounded by muck(& not a lotta brass) & knee deep in bleach you have to feel pampered once in a while!

So here we are on the last day of October-Halloween! 
It's a balmy twenty degrees and the sun is shining! 
I've decided to restart writing my blog..sometimes life gets in the way of the things we want to do but I'm going to try harder!!..Firstly I thought I'd start with the 'Now' & yesterday I had a little beauty treat..!

I don't have a 'beauty regime' as such. I wash & blow dry my hair everyday, & put make up on(which I remove with baby wipes)everyday. I have my hair cut & coloured once a year, & I have Gelish on my nails almost all the time, but only because that's my business! In fact, if I didn't have Gel polish on my nails, they'd be non existent. 
I wash my hands around 20 times a day, they become engrained with grass stains, mud & worse, dry from cleaning products & short because they're too brittle to grow! Here's my current favourite colour 'plum & done'! (These are a clients hands!)

If you'd like to know more about 'Gelish' you can look on my Facebook page, just search for 'The Nail Barn'! & pop by & say 'hi'!

So, back to yesterday's treat! 
My favourite part of my makeup routine is mascara. All you albino-esque blondes will sympathise when I say I cannot leave the house without it! 
But since my wedding I've gone one better & tried beautiful, individual eyelashes. 
Some of you might immediately think 'man in drag' when you hear the words 'false lashes' but I can assure you these are the most delicate, intricately placed lashes & can't help but flatter the tiniest of eyes! I'm in LOVE with them, they're an occasional treat but increase my confidence by about, Oooh 100%! 

This time I went one better & also had my eyebrows threaded, trimmed, waxed, tinted AND had false individual ones applied to fill the many gaps created by my 14 year old tweezer-happy self! (Child of the 90's!)

My daughters' step-mummy is a brow & lash professional & I trust her 100% to give me the natural look I love..if you're in the Fareham/Hampshire area pop over to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Carlas-Beauty-Box/660105867352897 & book an appointment!

What do you think?!...

Lots of love, 
Mrs P xxx

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Poorly people!

My goodness it's stressful when you have a housefull of poorly people. 
I had an awful illness at the end of our recent Center Parcs holiday in March and thought the rest of the family had escaped it-but it would appear not. The germs obviously just festered and have now made an appearance!! 
Firstly little William fell ill. A fever, runny nose, sticky eyes, no appetite etc, none of which wool make for a happy baby. Zero sleep and not being able to put him down for a moment-for a week, did not make for a happy mummy! His birthday was on Sunday-at the very start of him being poorly, so he battled on through then went rapidly downhill when we got home that afternoon. 

Here he is on the morning of his big day, 2 years old already!!
We've had a few long walks this week to try and get him to sleep, which didn't really work!-but the walks were lovely nonetheless

So now it's Mr P and Poppy who are suffering, bless them, he has an awfully sure throat, fever, type bug and she just feels awful. Life is so much more complicated when there's illness in the family, it would appear Nana(my mum) has now caught it too, which, given the fact that she is my sole childcarer whilst I'm at work, is a 'bit' of a problem!..Get well soon mum!!!

I'll leave you with a few photos from his Birthday..night all..
K xxx

Friday, 3 May 2013

x Good News and sunshine x

Heeeeellllo there beautiful people!
How are you all. Good i hope? Isn't is amazing how the sunshine brings the best out in people?

I have a new job since i spoke to you last, i now work in a bbbeeeeeaaautiful shop in my local town of Romsey called Kit&Caboodle. I work 2.5 days a week over our two shops, one a gifty type cath kidston mecca/teeny shop filled to the rafters with hearts, cute signs, napkins, Emma Bridgewater etc etc! And the other, a totally Gorgeous children s clothing and gift boutique, if you know me-you'll know this is MY DREAM JOB!
Im so, so lucky to find something like this, local, beautiful, great hours, fantastic stock, lovely people...i could go on and ON, but i wont bore you, just pay us a visit if you can and say 'Hi'!

 As i was saying, (about) the lovely weather giving people a boost, ive noticed 100% of customers are in a better mood while the sun is shining, normally when i say(a very cheery) 'hello'! as they walk in i get half a raised eyebrow and a look as if to say 'um why are you talking to me'...but when its bright and warm, well HELLO ROMSEY! Some even pass the time of day(shock horror), and ask me how i am(which is so nice)

i can understand why people like to live in LA and the south of france, being warm(and tanned ?) makes you feel sooo gooooood!!!!

My garden is slowly creeping into life, i feel like every pot and border should have a Geranium or Begonia but its a llleeeeeeettle too early for that just now. My hens are laying like CRAZY! And i have a birthday cake baking in the oven-eggs courtesy of my productive girls-for a certain little boy who will be (Shouty capitals)A WHOLE TWO YEARS OLD ON SUNDAY!!

Where DOES the time go??...

Enjoy the piccies, im enjoying the sound of the woodpecker, the cuckoo my cat purring next to me..

Ciao for now

K xxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hey there....

Hey you guys, how the devil are you, good?..I hope so! I know you're all probably wondering where ive been? Well, life just gets in the way-AS USUAL! Life here is lived at 100mph most of the time, and when its not, the last thing i want to do is sit with my laptop open and write a post, i'm more likely to be found with a tractor book open, sat on the sofa with my son, snuggled with a crochet blanket. That's not to say i don't miss you though!

Im totally out of touch with blogland, i don't know who's hip n' happenin' anymore and who has dropped off the radar, so maybe you can guide me? Looks like a few changes have been made to blogger too, i always have my iPhone with me so maybe i cold use blogger via that? Forgive me if the layout of this post is crap and things are in the wrong places....!

I probably dont have much of interest to tell you at the moment, the kids are growing like weeds and the house is groaning under the strain of all the 'stuff'' three kids own! We have tonnes TONNES of tractors, in every corner of every room, my son is obsessed-naturally.

Ive tried to seek out a few 'fashion' blogs lately, as one thing i strive for is to look 'together', even if my home and brain most certainly are not! So maybe if you'd like me to i cold share a few outfit snaps with you on a post in the future?
Mummy&Daddy snuck off for a night away at the De Vere Hotel!

I'll have a quick look through some recent pics as a quick way of bringing you up to speed with whats been going on around here.
Longleat Centre Parcs March2013~ our first EVER family holiday!

Oh, an guess what, im planning the wedding! We have booked a date, 29th March next year, and i shall become MRS P!..Eeeep!

Much love, K xxxx

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ugg Lovin!

On my, I'm not one for showing off...and normally I'd never be able to own something which cost as many pennies as these babies but they were a Christmas gift, and one I've had on my list for 3 years. Well, all I can say is COSY!!! They are so super snugly and warm I never want to take them off...people wonder if they're impractical as you can only wear them when it's dry but I've worn them lots of times since Xmas as we've had lots of cold dry days. And don't be thinking I'm a fashion victim, I'm normally a very practical kinda gal, wellies and a big coat are my bag usually, believe me, if you like to be warm these are a great investment!!!

Love Kirsty xxx

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My Diary

I had kinda forgotten how much of a diary my blog is.
When i read back through posts from a few months or years ago, i can recall moments in my life with pure clarity, yet without actually seeing the pictures and reading the words-its like my brain could never retrieve the memories i worked hard to create and document. So, i guess what im trying to say is,im glad im back blogging!

I think im probably not the only one who questions the choices in live which ive made so far...reading back is very cathartic when im questioning the why's and wherefores of how we ended up on this ramshackle farm with three little piglets in tow...ive realised i wouldn't change a thing...not a thing.
BUT i will be playing the lottery regularly from now on-just a few pennies would really help us out right now-again, im sure im not the only one!

Buying pretties seems to be a thing of the past. Even visiting my lovely market town of Romsey seems a thing of the past-no time for mooching these days, no-sir-ee-bob!

Just keeping on top of the mountain of washing and making sure all 9 mouths are fed is about as much as i can manage at the moment. Of course, i have help just to achieve that-my (fairy god)mother is here every week to help me out-i often get her to help me with those jobs you really need two people for, one to climb into the loft cupboard to grab bags full of clothes to sort, one to make tea and hold the baby-you get the idea.

All of the children are a real pleasure at the moment. Of course we have the usual worries like every family, a poorly child now and again, school worries now and again. The girls are growing into, well, bigger girls, but ones with a bit of attitude, and i can hear myself in them, the things i used to say to my mother, the things she said to me, its history repeating. But then i sit back, and think, and i realise that my mother is my whole world, and we've been through a lot together, and that we did just that-we got through it...and now i savor every moment with her, i cherish the laughs, (an the tears) and i look forward to the challenge that raising my daughters will bring and i hope that our relationships will be half as good as mine and my mothers-and then some!

Poppy celebrated her 8th Birthday last sunday, what a lovely day....surprise Breakfast in the New Forest and some den building, then off for the next surprise, a pony ride in the forest on our friends horse...finishing the day with a lovely pub dinner with all our family and a surprise horse birthday cake!
Happy Birthday Pops x

We're into February tomorrow, i love February, in my mind the month is a pale turquoise colour, not like January, January is maroon, dull and dark, with a huge money hangover from xmas..those four weeks reeeallly drag for me. But February is a whole different picture! We're on our way into spring, longer days are just around the corner, just think, april last year was hot hot hot-we could in eight short weeks have our summer dresses out girls..oh dear..the diet starts next week then eh..?!

Ive included a little photo update montage for those of you who like to see them. I know some of you see my daily ramblings on facebook so i apologise if they're old news to you guys xx

Bye for now xxx