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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Morning all !

Hi all, just thought id drop in-i need to escape to this private space, as currently Mr P and his friend 'Billy the fish' are ripping out our bathroom...this is no mean feat as it includes tearing down walls, lifting the whole floor, replacing joists, ceiling etc etc etc.
So, you can imagine the state of the house-the WHOLE house has been tipped upside down, and im trying not to get stressed out. Its not too bad, although we have no water on at the moment, and no loo. We are making trips back and forth to the pig unit behind the house to use the one there, and the shower, its not too bad actually!

I guess we're all getting back to normality, its the 2nd of January now and the leftovers are all gone, the weather is a bit crappy, cold and dismal, but on a brighter note, my hens have suddenly started laying the most beautiful eggs for us!
I wonder if it has something to do with the beautiful little bantam cockerel who's found his way into our flock-from where-we don't know!
He's a stunning little chap and i think he's got all the girls in a flap trying to impress him! Unfortunately the neighbours aren't so impressed...hmm, watch this space.

This was me last night, balancing the laptop is becoming more of a task, i like to have it on my lap-baby does not. It kicks and wriggles until i move it, probably not a bad idea as it does get a bit warm. Im up to 23 weeks now and getting lots of lovely movement, i feel good and my aches and pains have gone for now. Bring on the 3rd Trimester!

I'll post some pictures when the bathroom is all done for you.
In the mean time, if anyone could point me in the direction of a good website for bathroom images i'd be ever so grateful as i reeally need some inspiration right now!

Love Kirsty xoxox


JacquiMcR said...

Good luck with the bathroom, I am just at the "to do" list for the remainder of our renovation(five years on from initial planning permission). Aiming to be done, inside and out by school holidays in July. Happy New Year and good luck with the bump! - jacqui x

Alijane said...

Happy New Year to you all. Your bump is looking impressive.

I hope the bathroom goes smoothly, love to see some pics when it's all done.