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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Counting down and a bit of allwhite!

Hello ladies, its late on a sunday night and i really should be off to bed but im still really excited as my dad has been here all day putting up wallpaper in m hallway...do you remember i mentioned i had selected Cath Kidston's- Mono rose in blue, im soooo glad i did, im completely madly in LOVE with it right now, and cant wait to add the finishing touches(new door curtain, hall table, banister rail up the stairs) . I'll try and keep you posted with photos when it all comes together, but ive been a bit naughty with keeping my blog up to date lately!

I took a few pretty pictures on saturday as we've had another snowfall, so i thought you might like to see them, and also, as the fat man in the red suit is due to visit shortly ive complied a little list of things id like to receive as ive been such a good girl this year!;

1.Firstly, if i could have just one thing, it would be this man in my life more, Mr P....
Work is taking a heavy toll on him and our household at the moment and i miss him...

2.On a lighter note, if the snow were to piss off, id be able to wear these every day! If i wore them in the snow they'd be ruined and they're far too expensive to risk that. For now i'll keep wearing my thirty quid Next ones!
3. Im actually ashamed of my current riding style brown leather boots. They've been good friends for three years now BUT im starting to feel slightly embarrassed by them at the school gate, and who wants to be embarrassed by an old friend??
So, ive selected this pair from John Lewis as my gift from my parents...but i wont get them until boxing day..Grrrr!
4. Im really hoping to carry on with my gundog training next year (eventhough i'll be heavily pregnant), and this beautiful waistcoat is making me look forward to getting my pre pregnancy bod back!
5. Obviously it'll be less handbags at dawn and more nappies at midnight next May so i have my eye on a few different changing bags which will satisfy my need for that yummy mummy style(hmmm). Obviously this is a CK one, in one of my all time favourite prints, but it may be a little boyish..so we shall see.

6. Finally, this is not entirely practical, as leaving a block of butter on the worktop in our house is akin to leaving a block of ice in a freezer, BUT, i still want it. Emma Bridgewater of course, and did you know that if you break the lid they will sell you a new one? See-its an investment!
On saturday we woke to this-the forecast was NOT snow, so i was left with a dilemma. I was due to work a 10-6 shift at work, collecting the girls from their fathers on the way home. I spoke to Mr P's brother who had just returned from feeding the cows at 9am, who told me in no uncertain terms to not leave the house unless my life depended on it.
Hmmm...so should i have risked(at 21 weeks pregnant) travelling via country roads, to the motorway, to a work car park which had not and would not be being gritted, knowing i would have to travel back via the motorway with 2 little ones under cover of darkness that night??
I didnt want to be one of those people who just dont bother going into work because of a few flakes of snow, but it played on my mind that if i got stuck somewhere, i couldnt get out and push the car, i couldnt even clear the snow off of my car that morning without help!
I decided not to go, and tomorrow i face the same dilemma all over again as we are due more overnight. I slipped just retrieving logs from outside the back door, so how i would have made it to work in one piece is anyones guess?!
So, i'll stop rambling now, with my misplaced(?)work guilt and show you some pics of what it looked like outside the cottage...enjoy, and if i dont speak to you before, have a beautiful Christmas xxx


Rebecca said...

Such lovely snow photos, it looks like you have had a lot where you are! It is so pretty but a pain if you need to get places.
The Cath Kidston wallpaper sounds amazing, can't wait to see a pic! x

All things nice... said...

Oh what lovely items on your wish list. You take care in the snow and mind yourself. Wishing you a wondeful christmas, hope you have a lovely time and hope santa comes with lots of presents. Looking forward to seeing your makeover too.

All things nice...

Summer Blue said...

Kirsty, don't risk it...please. Stay in and look after yourself, those little girlies and the little bambino.
LOVE your list, I'd be happy with anything on there. I'd SO love to go to gun dog training with Hugo but the nearest is 1.5 hours away!! I'm still thinking about it though.
Take care, have a wonderful Christmas. I can't wait to read you blog posts next year especially around Easter!!!
Jane. xx

Serendipitychild said...

Ooooh what a lovely blog you have, and life by the looks of it! Wonderful photos,

MelMel said...

You and I have our eyes on the same waistcoat! love it!

I feel sorry for your hubbie.....he does work so hard....not an easy job..

Can't beat a bit of bridgewater hunni...hope santa fills your stocking with lovely things!xxx

MelMel said...

You and I have our eyes on the same waistcoat! love it!

I feel sorry for your hubbie.....he does work so hard....not an easy job..

Can't beat a bit of bridgewater hunni...hope santa fills your stocking with lovely things!xxx

Lydia @ Twelve said...

Keep you & our babies safe and warm, some things are not worth risking.

Wishing you & your family a very happy christmas and many blessings for the new year (as well as some lovely presents off your list).


periwinkle said...

oooh i love those riding boots and just wish i had the legs towear them . Hope you all have a great christmas too x

bellaboo said...

It all looks so pretty where you are.It's getting a bit slushy here now.
Love your wish list,especially that gorgeous butter dish.
Take care and have a wonderful Christmas full of lovely surprises!

Bellaboo x

Torie Jayne said...

★ Happy New Year ! ★
May all your dreams come true