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Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow ho ho!

Now, today, we are mainly indoors enjoying this sort of thing BUT, yesterday was a whole different ballgame!
We got the beautiful deep, powdery snow i had been hankering over. That which, it seemed, everyone but us had received. I opened the curtains and told mr p, it was a 'wonderful winter wonderland outside!'..he laughed and turned back over!
Want to see what it looks like round here right now?..

My garden and home...

Charlie, our nephew enjoying the snow?(not for long!)

This was early yesterday morning, you know when its still, and grey and quiet out? Makes it hard to take photos but i wouldnt miss the opportunity of soaking up the atmosphere..

AH! How cute does charlie look?!

We decided we would try and make a snowman with our family from next door, but, the snow was SO powdery that the kids got very frustrated and left the mummy's to make him while they trudged and ran up and down the chalk hills...This is my looking-erm-well, not very stylish but doing my best to keep warm as it was so bloody freezing!!

Ted the bear seemed to LOVE the snow and didnt actually want to come in. He thawed in front of the fire for a few hours when we got in.

And murphy, well, he just wanted to dig through the snow for whatever had burrowed underneath it!

The harvested got a sprinkling! Doesn't that lime green look striking in the snow?!

So, that was yesterday, and today, we're staying in the warm. Its too icy to drive anywhere and before we all get cabin fever we're going to do a bit of crafting...can you tell what it is yet??

Roo, being quiet for 5 minutes on her DS while mummy sorts the house before we get busy with the PVA!
But not all of us are snuggled indoors! Hermione has spent a fair while outside these last couple of days, here she is being nosey as she has spotted me opening the window to 'feel' if its snowing again!
But now she's home with her mama, cuddling, nosing, and most importantly-keeping warm by the radiator in the lounge, the fire just isnt giving enough heat off today!

The girls and i are quite happily sat here munching jammy dodgers and cheese toasties(in that order) and i think someone very tiny is enjoying all the comfort food, as i get a few 'thanks mum' kicks after every meal!!...

But having one of these stretching everything the wrong way kinda makes it hard to dress well in this weather.
SO, not wanting to resort to one of Mr Ps's old fleeces i headed to GAP and selected this beautiful poncho style maternity sweater to see me through the next few months, and i love it already!!

Bye for now...be safe in the snow xxx


bellaboo said...

We have the same kind of snow down here too,too powdery for snowballs or snowmen. Funny though,Bella came back from her romp in the fields with lots of little snowballs stuck to her fur!It does look beautiful though doesn't it?
Charlie does look really cute!
Keep warm and safe. :0)

charl said...

oo broody alert!!!... that cape is so would i would have bought when i was pregnant.. it looks so snuggly and warm but stylish which mat clothes usually lack dont they!!
hope you had a good day with the crafting .. im to much of a control freak to get the pva glue out in our house!!!

Sheila said...

oooh you look lovely, and snuggley and cosy!
Everything looks better in the snow, its so much fun...and you get to stay cosy indoors with cocoa!