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Friday, 21 January 2011

A Glimpse of my day

Hey there! I thought you might like a glimpse of my day today.
I would have loved the photos too be far more arty but to be honest ive left 3 days worth of pre party house preparation to be squeezed into one day, partly due to work commitments, partly due to a nasty/cough/cold combo im rocking at the moment.
Anyways, Poppy's cake is in the oven baking in stages as its a ten inch one, in between checking on it im madly clearing left over tools away(from the bathroom re-fit)hoovering, tidying, chucking out, fiddling, admiring-and now procrastinating! Argh!

Two things making all the effort that little bit more bareable-my CK apron and my uggs!

Mummy's baking, the boys are looking on with that 'when the hell are you taking us out?' look in their eyes, sorry boys, no time, you'll have to amuse yourselves today!

Ive lit a lovely candle i bought from TK Maxx aaagges ago but it smells of sweet peppermint and its still going strong. I was however a little sad to light it then peer back in to notice this little fella must have admired it too-a little too closely-how sad, but beautiful?
Like a moth to a flame...sums up me and cath kidston it think!

Playing with my white glass writing pen...Back door now states ' Welcome to the funny farm' How apt?
Here is another shot of something which inspired me, remember the inspirational shot i took of the CK mug in my new bathroom?... Well this time it was my Stanley flask which lit a little match in my brain..

Check back next week to find out what i used it for!!..

Love Kirsty xoxo


bellaboo said...

I'm baking a cake today too.. for my gorgeous Mr Boo's birthday tomorrow.
Hope we are going to see your creation when it's finished.
Hope you feel better soon,and have a lovely weekend! ;0)

Uum,bubblegum pink...I wonder what that's for?

LaaLaa said...

Hi, I've just found you via Faery Nuff's blog. I love your blog and we have lots in commone, CK and my Uggs keep me afloat too. Lynda xx

Victoria said...

Loving that glass pen. Where did you get it? x

Locket Pocket said...

That's a lovely photo Kirsty! Love your apron! Lucy x

Serendipitychild said...

I have passed on 'The stylish blog' award to you, details are on my latest post.

Sheila said...

oooh how very glam for cake baking, i wish i were more like you!!! Honestly...you put me to SHAME!!

Motyl said...

You look like a very glam girl in your apron, which is adorable. Just found your blog today and am loving your the pics. I also like Greengate, Agas, just the good stuff really.
I am living in the Czech Repubic and missig the UK, so blogs like yours help my homesickness.
Tatty bye,
Tracy x