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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hey there....

Hey you guys, how the devil are you, good?..I hope so! I know you're all probably wondering where ive been? Well, life just gets in the way-AS USUAL! Life here is lived at 100mph most of the time, and when its not, the last thing i want to do is sit with my laptop open and write a post, i'm more likely to be found with a tractor book open, sat on the sofa with my son, snuggled with a crochet blanket. That's not to say i don't miss you though!

Im totally out of touch with blogland, i don't know who's hip n' happenin' anymore and who has dropped off the radar, so maybe you can guide me? Looks like a few changes have been made to blogger too, i always have my iPhone with me so maybe i cold use blogger via that? Forgive me if the layout of this post is crap and things are in the wrong places....!

I probably dont have much of interest to tell you at the moment, the kids are growing like weeds and the house is groaning under the strain of all the 'stuff'' three kids own! We have tonnes TONNES of tractors, in every corner of every room, my son is obsessed-naturally.

Ive tried to seek out a few 'fashion' blogs lately, as one thing i strive for is to look 'together', even if my home and brain most certainly are not! So maybe if you'd like me to i cold share a few outfit snaps with you on a post in the future?
Mummy&Daddy snuck off for a night away at the De Vere Hotel!

I'll have a quick look through some recent pics as a quick way of bringing you up to speed with whats been going on around here.
Longleat Centre Parcs March2013~ our first EVER family holiday!

Oh, an guess what, im planning the wedding! We have booked a date, 29th March next year, and i shall become MRS P!..Eeeep!

Much love, K xxxx


Sheila said...

Oh i love you're blog and i'm so glad you've popped back up.
Isn't it odd how things change in blogland, the blogs i read when i first started are a wee bit quiet but then thats life really.
Love your pics and thats very exciting about setting a date!

A Farmers Wife said...

Thank you Sheila!..I'll try and keep it up ;0)) xx

Sian said...

Hi Kirsty, I have been waiting for you to post since your Ugg post last year he he! I had you on my email list so was most surprised when I looked today and you had updated your blog. Go you!!!

A Farmers Wife said...

Haha, thanks Sian, I'll pop by and check you out! Xx

Simon Miles said...

So glad your back!x

Tracy Glover said...

I've loved your blog for years. So great to see you back. Your new job sounds fab. What a sweetie William is. Your family life looks lovely.
You might Junkaholique, that's a nice blog. Not too sure of fashion blogs.
Best wishes to you all. xx