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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ugg Lovin!

On my, I'm not one for showing off...and normally I'd never be able to own something which cost as many pennies as these babies but they were a Christmas gift, and one I've had on my list for 3 years. Well, all I can say is COSY!!! They are so super snugly and warm I never want to take them off...people wonder if they're impractical as you can only wear them when it's dry but I've worn them lots of times since Xmas as we've had lots of cold dry days. And don't be thinking I'm a fashion victim, I'm normally a very practical kinda gal, wellies and a big coat are my bag usually, believe me, if you like to be warm these are a great investment!!!

Love Kirsty xxx


Rebecca said...

Ahh, I love my Uggs....I can't bear cold feet and nothing compares to these! I even have Ugg slippers for the house! x

B............... said...

you can get a protective spray for them but I've worn mine in rain and snow and they've been fine.

B xx

p.s mine were a christmas gift too, a few years ago.

Saphy said...

well done you. I have very very hot feet so Uggs would be hell for me. I struggle to wear socks even. I will say they look great.

Victoria said...

Enjoy your snuggly Uggs. I have had a pair for years now - and out they come year after year. Love them. Keep warm. x

Lucy said...

I have Uggs, just about the most comfortable thing in the world and strangely they take quite well to machine washing. Enjoy



Lucy said...

Oh I love Uggs have had mine for four years just so comfy. Also you can machine wash them with surprisingly good results. Enjoy



Sian said...

Love your blog....its like reading a lovely satisfying "chick lit" novel.....x

Victoria said...

Hello there. I haven't been in Blogland for so long .......... wonder how life is going with you. x

Linda Gilbert said...

Gorgeous. Enjoy xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow, I can't believe i've just stumbled across your blog. your blog was one of the first blogs i followed when i started mine way back. It looks like both of our lives have changed a lot since those days. Congratulations on the birth of William , he is adorable.
So glad i've found your blog again.