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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My Diary

I had kinda forgotten how much of a diary my blog is.
When i read back through posts from a few months or years ago, i can recall moments in my life with pure clarity, yet without actually seeing the pictures and reading the words-its like my brain could never retrieve the memories i worked hard to create and document. So, i guess what im trying to say is,im glad im back blogging!

I think im probably not the only one who questions the choices in live which ive made so far...reading back is very cathartic when im questioning the why's and wherefores of how we ended up on this ramshackle farm with three little piglets in tow...ive realised i wouldn't change a thing...not a thing.
BUT i will be playing the lottery regularly from now on-just a few pennies would really help us out right now-again, im sure im not the only one!

Buying pretties seems to be a thing of the past. Even visiting my lovely market town of Romsey seems a thing of the past-no time for mooching these days, no-sir-ee-bob!

Just keeping on top of the mountain of washing and making sure all 9 mouths are fed is about as much as i can manage at the moment. Of course, i have help just to achieve that-my (fairy god)mother is here every week to help me out-i often get her to help me with those jobs you really need two people for, one to climb into the loft cupboard to grab bags full of clothes to sort, one to make tea and hold the baby-you get the idea.

All of the children are a real pleasure at the moment. Of course we have the usual worries like every family, a poorly child now and again, school worries now and again. The girls are growing into, well, bigger girls, but ones with a bit of attitude, and i can hear myself in them, the things i used to say to my mother, the things she said to me, its history repeating. But then i sit back, and think, and i realise that my mother is my whole world, and we've been through a lot together, and that we did just that-we got through it...and now i savor every moment with her, i cherish the laughs, (an the tears) and i look forward to the challenge that raising my daughters will bring and i hope that our relationships will be half as good as mine and my mothers-and then some!

Poppy celebrated her 8th Birthday last sunday, what a lovely day....surprise Breakfast in the New Forest and some den building, then off for the next surprise, a pony ride in the forest on our friends horse...finishing the day with a lovely pub dinner with all our family and a surprise horse birthday cake!
Happy Birthday Pops x

We're into February tomorrow, i love February, in my mind the month is a pale turquoise colour, not like January, January is maroon, dull and dark, with a huge money hangover from xmas..those four weeks reeeallly drag for me. But February is a whole different picture! We're on our way into spring, longer days are just around the corner, just think, april last year was hot hot hot-we could in eight short weeks have our summer dresses out girls..oh dear..the diet starts next week then eh..?!

Ive included a little photo update montage for those of you who like to see them. I know some of you see my daily ramblings on facebook so i apologise if they're old news to you guys xx

Bye for now xxx


helen tilston said...

Sounds like a lovely birthday celebration and when you say just eight weeks till sunny weather, that sounds very soon
Have a great week
Helen xx

Summer Blue said...

Hi Kirsty,
What a lovely post and what a GORGEOUS family you all make! My eldest turns eight this year also, where did those 8 years go??!!
It's lovely to see some updated pictures of William, he's such a cutie, thanks for sharing.
Jane. x
P.S It's February today....Yeay!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Lovely post!! Family life is eventful, but we wouldn't swap it for anything : )

Sharon xx

Sampson and Lorrie said...

What a lovely family. You seem to be a very happy lady. It's nice to hear. Your photos have been wonderful. Thank you for sharing your family, home, and thoughts. It has been very sweet spending time with you. My daughter and I have truly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you. :)

Sian said...

Kirsty......where have you gone, I love your blog but keep looking and you havnt posted. Would love to see posts from you again. x