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Monday, 21 December 2009

Absence makes the heart grow fonder…


Hello all my lovely friends, ive missed you all alot over these last few weeks, nothing major has happened-just life getting in the way as usual. Ive not even had time to read any blogs, let alone comment, i think its a winter thing-as i mentioned a few posts ago. I would have loved to photograph and share all the baking and making ive done recently but there just hasnt been the time. I did make Kirsties Boxing day chutney which turned out fantastically well if i do say so myself, and a black forest gataux/cake for my friend alison’s 40th birthday which was lovely too! Ive missed not taking lovely photos so i think that will be my aim for the next few days, while the girls are home, to take some really lovely photos of my family ad my home.

However as i type, im sat in bed having caught the bug which has floated around our family for the last few weeks and which i thought id escaped the clutches of-hmmph-no such luck, cue a night of sweating/shivering, tremendous head pain, coughing, aching etc.

So Mr P is out on our shoot, and im stuck here, in bed, but i do have Ted for company for the time being, he shall shortly be whisked away for his first time beating. I considered being selfish and keeping him here with me, but feel he should really get out and about. Presently he’s snuggled into me with his head on my shoulder, breathing his soft puppy breaths and giving sporadic puppy sighs, ah puppy love! DSCF1616

All my christmassy stuff is coming together, just the onion marmalade to make and dads Barbour wellies to wrap, oh and marshmallows to buy as part of Mrs P’s pressie, the one thing morrisons didnt have!

I thought id post a couple of pics of the recent trip mum and i made to winchester, every year they have these little huts all around the cathedral grounds selling a beautiful array of goodies. We took Ted with us as we knew we’d be a while, i put him in the baby carrier i had from when the girls were little, and i can honestly say i dont ever remember a baby getting as much attention as this little puppy did!


He was also wrapped in a blanket as it was bitterly cold

These are the huts:chaletsprettillit DeaneryMarketnightGorgeous_soaps_from_merrywood festiveideas



I didnt buy anything on this occasion as id already done most of my crimbo shopping and some of the things on sale you can buy cheaper on the net but we did have a lovely wonder round-and i didnt mind all the attention!




The boys travel in style while mum and i are out and about!

Ted is growing bigger by the day and has a real little personality developing-eager to please(which is no bad thing when it comes to training). Hates cold/wet/damp and wont go out for a wee if the weather is the slightest bit inclement(which IS  bad thing for a non pampered working pooch!) He loves his grub and where there’s food, there’s Ted. He loves me too(which i LOVE) and follows me about, comes when i call him and cries when he cant be with me. I should show you a few photos of how he’s doing i think!DSCF1750


DSCF1708He’s in love with Hermione as you can clearly see by the look on his face, Darcy isnt bothered by him either which is so nice as for a while she didnt even come indoors when Ted arrived-you can see in this picture he looks smaller than the cat so i think that was two weeks ago as he’s a third bigger than that now with looonng legs!DSCF1712

We’ve barely had any of the white stuff down here which is a shame for the kids, just freezing rain and lots of ice, never mind at least a few of you have been able to enjoy it!

Our tree is up,(which is cut down myself WITH A CHAINSAW-Ahem,lol!) the house is twinkling with fairy lights in every room and the girls are loving playing xmas songs on their CD player.

Before i go i just want to mention that I was very very lucky to be partnered with Sam, a lovely non blogger lady in a recently organised swap(please forgive me for not remembering who organised it!) she went to a huge amount of effort and spoiled the girls and i rotten with her gifts. Ive just realised that my camera was steamy/smudgy on the lens when i took the photos of the goodies she sent, so this week at the top of my list will be to re photograph everything so i can share it with you!

Hopefully i’ll catch up with you again before the 25th, until then could you all wish me good health as i so dont want to be poorly for the big day,

Lots of love, Kirsty xxxPB070434


Sal said...

I hope you feel better soon.
Sadly I could not make it to Winchester this year..but I am determined to do so next year!
Have a fun time ;-)

MelMel said...

Lovely post as always, I so enjoy the mix of crafting and home life, just a perfectly lovely blog!
Have a super Christmas hunni!xxx

periwinkle said...

hope you feel better real quick --- little Ted is just adorable and those huts are so christmassy

Lydia said...

Opps poor you! Hope you feel ooodles better ASAP.

Have a lovely Christmas & Happy New Year for 2010

Love Lydia xx

bellaboo said...

I just love your blog...we seem to have the same 'likes' and your puppy is just soooo adorable!
Have added you to my ever growing blog list.
Thanks for joining mine.


Rubys mamma x said...

Thanks for your well wishes girls, feeling a little better today just have a terrible cough which is giving me terrible pain in my tummy muscles, maybe i can convince mr p to run me a herbal bath? Pah!