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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Growing together

Right now there's a whole lotta growin' going on! My tiny baby is now not so tiny anymore, only managing to wear something once before he's grown out of it, my girls are just as bad, shoes, school clothes, even knickers! They're all getting so big in front of my eyes, i sometimes wish i could freeze time, savour every little detail, i guess thats where my blog comes in.
I took these photos two weeks ago i think, and already the Poppys and Alliums are over, making way for Roses and Delphiniums. I have almost no time to spend tending to my garden at the moment-for obvious reasons-so im enjoying it from afar and making my peace with the weeds and long grass.

I have THE most amazing new bird feeder, a gift from my mum for my birthday last friday, and the garden is so alive i cant possibly get stressed out by the bits which shouldn't be sprouting in the borders and between the paving slabs. I'll show the new birds who've found their way into the garden shortly, but today i've got some pretty blooms to share
LoVe this colour!....

'Patty's plum'...lOvE this colour too!

I now have some white Alliums coming into bloom-like starbursts in my borders!

Sadly the chooks have discovered these little beauties so ive promised Poppy i'll buy a hanging basket planted up with strawbs!

These Lupins are at Mr P's parents house, i just had to share them, dont they look stunning??

And here is the veggie patch, slowly coming to life!

Can you spot some little people in there with the Rhubarb??!

Great fun! We came home with three carrier bags full, to be shared amongst family.

Right i have to dash now, jacket spuds are going ping in the oven and mini P is needing his mamma!
Hope you enjoyed the pretty pictures...

Love to all...Kirsty xoxo


Mummy Boo Bear said...

Wow that is a vegtable patch and a half!

Love that poppy what a beautiful colour.

Aww that is the thing with babies and children they do insist on growing! lol.

Hope you get lots of snuggle with all three of your lovies.


helen tilston said...

Beautiful post. Your garden is beautiful and those vegetables, can I come over and get some?