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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Candy striped cotton.....

What do you do when mummy washes and neatly folds her new pastel coloured cotton sheets and leaves them in a pile in the laundry basket??...

(i wish this was my laundry cupboard full of goodies, it belongs to this lady!)

You beg mummy to make you a den of course!!!

A clothes horse and a few more sheets later et VOILA!!..

I can remember making 'dens' of this sort with my little brother. We also used to hide in our airing cupboard, there was a little shelf above the water tank-cant believe we both used to fit in there! We'd sometimes hide in it and wait for our dad to get a towel out before he had a shower and scare him to death!, im sure my girls will find some little hiding places like that before long!
It was so cosy they even decided to have their tea in their den, well, why not? We're not five for long are we?

Little kitten needed a special spot of her own so im told...

It took me a while to keep blocking up all the 'holes'.

After an afternoon in the den the girls and i decided to treat ourselves as daddy has gone away to scotland for a week and left us on our lonesome........we applied these...(face masques)
Then all got into this....

And even indulged in eating these in the bath!
We then painted our toenails. We so enjoyed our lovely girly evening together, how lucky am i to have little girls?......X


LittleGem said...

What a cute little den made with lovely bedding and cushions too. Sounds like a lovely evening xx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

We had some cool den making ourselves this past weekend! And I rember many a summer holiday making dens with sheets & blankets!

Your girlie night in sounds fun! its great having girls isnt it!

Devon Dumpling said...

Super cute! x

Taz said...

Thats it you really are going to have to adopt me!

Clair said...

What a perfect time! I love doing girly things with my older two and cant wait to do them with the littlest! Such a treat, fantastic den.

Shabby Chick said...

The girly evening sounds wonderful. The den looks such fun! I have made sure that my girls know that dens are 'Daddy's job' and I'm no good at them so I don't have to keep reconstructing them etc!


bekimarie said...

I love my girly nights with Jess but unfortunately they don't happen enough anynore. She seems to spend most weekends have girly nights and sleepovers with her friends.
Great den, I used to love making them when I was little. Made one for Jack a little while ago and Jess spent more time in it than he did. However grown up she may think she is, she still likes to play at being a little girl from time to time....thankfully!
Enjoy the rest of your week
Beki xxx

The Catnap Cottage said...

Yes, you are truly blessed, I had two little girls too, now grown, 25 and 28. What a treat - enjoy! They will be grown before you know it!!

Elaine said...

Just blog hopping and spotted the little den. How cute!!! Love it!

Love and blessings

rachel the krafty girl said...

ahh bless!what fun!

i remember doing that when i was a wee one hehe


Hollypop's said...

What a great den, I can remember doing stuff like that too when I was little.
Sounds like a lovely evening together, hope you all enjoyed those GIANT choccie buttons.
Take care.

summerfete said...

Dens are ace!
Do you think us adults can still make one?


Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

I love your little den ~ so cute! My little one has just started getting into this kind of play and I'm looking forward to girlie times!