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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Todays bootsale beauties!

Todays bootsale beauties...
Even though we had to get up extra early due to the silly clocks, it was lovely and sunny and we had a great mooch round, i was really pleased with everything i got. In the photo above you can see a couple of things i bought for the girls room, the little pink wire heart is for them to put their little cards and photos on and the wooden shelf thingy will be painted white ready for their little tresures to be added to it.

Dont you just LOVE the red spotty enamel tin?! I wont bore you with prices for everything but i didnt pay more than two pounds for an item and that was for the redoute rose print which is in such lovely condition i didnt even barter!
The marble set is for Poppy, as she loves them, it has the instruction sheet inside for different marbley games.

Above is a very old little set of matches, i just love the little jazz playing men round the sides...

I was so inspired by jaynes lovely new black tin that it was on my lookout list-i was thrilled to find this one covered in spring flowers!

And this is my new kindling bucket-i would use it as a coal skuttle, only i dont wanna ruin it!!!
Also fell in love with this little apron, soo sweet.

Yet another redoute rose print for poppy's floral wall.
And yes, i found CATH KIDSTON at the booty too!! Perfrect for my camera or mobile...

Lastly mum bought Pops this lovely white cotton sundress, she had a very similar vintage laura ashley one which she's worn for the last two years and is now is on my sewing/crafting pile of lovely fabrics. I think she'll be thrilled.
Whatever you've been up to i hope you've had a lovely weekend xxx


vintage girl said...

What lovely finds! I really like the red polka dot tin. I never find such lovely things when I go to the car boot boo hoo! Lisaxxx

Shabby Chick said...

Wow, you did so well! I want to get out booting again, we are definitely going next Sunday. I think everything you bought is fab.

Mel xxx

MelMel said...

Some top finds!


Lydia said...

Beautiful finds, especially the kindling bucket. Even more beautiful are the pictures from Ruby's 4th birthday! Looks like you had lots of fun!

Lajoni said...

What amazing finds I didn't go this week but went last week and posted finds on my blog too, I have to paint most of mine but yours are just lovely....the white dress is simply gorgeous and I love the blue scuttle....btw lovely blog xx

Devon Dumpling said...

Some great finds! x

lou said...

Love all of it, I must go, I have not done one this year!
If I am as lucky as you I will be happy! :0)
Thanks ever so much hun for the link, it is a great shop isn’t it, I will go back to the shop without the OH next week.;0)
Have a lovely week…love Lou xxx

LittleGem said...

Fantastic bargains, you did so well, I especially love the little bucket and red polka dot tin. Just catching up and wanted to say happy belated birthday to your little one - looks like she had a lovely day xx

Pixiedust said...

Wow what booty do you go to? Those are great finds. If the weathers nice I'm hoping to do a bootsale with my SIL on Sunday. xxx

LissyLou said...

You got some lovely things x

gingerwine said...

Good finds!
I really have to remember to look for car boot sales!

s xx

charl said...

love all your buys love that spotty tin!
cath kidston at a carboot that never happens to me!!

MelMel said...

Hello hunni!

I would never think that!
I think since I went private its slow to show new posts...odd!
But other peeps have had the same trouble!

I'm so blessed that ppl think well of me, thats nice to know!
The parents have been texting me to see how I am!
I've been phoning checking on the wee ones...I do miss them..even tho I'm having fun sorting the house out, thats just to fill the void!
I have empty nest syndrome!

The house is so quiet..
When I was out with my Mum, I kept thinking somethings missing....was the pram...I've been pushing one for 19yrs....and none of the babies mine!
Sounds like you have been busy....look forward to seeing that hun!xxxx