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Friday, 13 March 2009

something old...something new..

Hi all, thought you might like to share in this weeks purchases which are making me smile.
This postcard ive actually had for a while but i just love its prettiness so thought you might too, its just so-spring! isnt it? So beautiful, thanks to a great charity shop find i now have a few really lovely old postcards, i'll have to scan them so you can see all!

Following Lucys(attic24) footsteps ive bought a few of these wonderful primroses from Morrissons this week, the single ones were 59p, the doubles just 79p! They're so beautiful, the girls and i took great joy in carefully selecting what colours we'd like-Poppy was insistent that we needed 'more more more' i assured her that three would probably be sufficient, but then she reminded me that the slugs had made fast work of the ones we only planted 2 weeks ago! We eventually compromised on some hyacinths for the mantlepiece.

Miss Hermione willow also appreciated mummys new flowers...


This week i took a rare trip to one of my most favourite shops, TK Maxx. They came up trumps with this little lot of lovlies! I adore this dress, i know its very summery but in my experience if you see something you like you have to get it there and then otherwise you miss out. I thought the printed butterflies were adorable.I love pretty floaty girls things so this is right up my street-should also hide a multitude of sins!

When i spotted these goodies, i swear i got the kind of rush you only get from ten cups of coffee...mum was with me so i blame her for saying go on get them, get them!
I came accross the CK bath mat first, although i'll be too scared to put if down for fear of Mr P ruining it i had to have it for £7! I adore the red, and its sooo soft!
The cake tin was something ive been after for a long time but have never seen one within my budget. Ive seen them for between £12-£20 so this was a snip at£7.99. The colour will go perfectly with my new pastel colour scheme and the seal is very tight for maximum cakey freshness! Mr P was bemused that id bought home more 'tat', but in the words of catherine tate 'am i bovered?!'.

Have you ever seen a more gorgeous brush?!

I had to have these metal buckets for the garden too, i'll drill some holes in the bottoms and probably plant them up with lavender or something, only £2.99 each! Theyre so cheery arent they?

Next i spotted these mugs which i already have two of, im going to keep a couple of the blue small heart ones and sell the rest on ebay as they really are lovely.

We also popped into Tesco-Just look what i found!!! Even the lady on the till commented that it would take her ages to knit something like this little bunny-go forth and snap them up my bloggy friends!!! lol..
Moving onto the weeks thrifted items and going with my new pink/blue theme, i picked up this lovely enamel pot from one of my favourite shops in Romsey(which i must blog about one of these days) its perfect for my little mantlepiece.
Theres also a baby pink enamel candle holder in the local antiques shop which im hankering over but its £10 so would hope to knock them down a bit!
I had a bit of a change round on the mantlepiece too, took away the fairy lights as its mostly quite sunny now so thought id better do my bit to save the planet and unplug them. Hope you like it...
The Massey Ferguson tractor picture isnt my choice but i have to let Mr P have some of his things in the house!(And it does match my new colour scheme).
Lovely daffs in a cheery green jug...

I got this cross stiched picture in a charity shop for £1.50, isnt it sweet? I really like it although im sure its not to everyones tastes. The lady who served me informed me that the second sentence is a quote from jesus(which i wasnt aware of),the gentleman behind me in the queue then said 'matthew 14'...the lady called as i walked out of the shop 'you know where to look the quote up', of course i do, and it was sweet that they told me about it but im not particularly christian so i wont be doing that!
My last find is my most favourite ever!!!!. Dont be fooled into thinking that this table cloth is dull and dreary, our bedroom is at the back of the house so the sun never shines directly into it, thus meaning the photos are of a rather grey light.
This massive tablecloth was three pounds, i fell in love with it straight away-why would anyone not want it?!!!

The colours are just devine. Does anyone know anything about these sorts of tablecloths? Would it be hand done? mass produced? a common design?
I dont mind if its vintage or not-i just love it. Although im so scared to use it in case anyone stains it!!!

Lastly, Roo and i tested out the new silicone fairy cake cases, we were really impressed!

She decorated them all by herself(can you tell), and had a brilliant time doing it, daddy and i watched we were very proud.

Have a happy weekend all! xxx


bekimarie said...

So many pretties!
Your dress is very pretty, bet you can't wait to wear it and i'm loving your mugs!
Most of all though, I really love the tablecloth. Funny thing is i've just done the charity shop run (football was on) and was looking at some smaller version ones. I ummed and ahhed and come away without them. As soon as I got home I regretted it. I know absolutely nothing about them except that they're totally gorgeous.
Beki xxx

Pixiedust said...

Lovely post kirsty. What great finds in TX Max. Can I be really cheeky and ask how much your putting them on e-bay for, coz I really like them! x :o)

The tractor pic on the wall made me laugh. Hubby loves massey ferguson tractors too. We have two landy pics that I've so far got away with having up, I think there in the loft now. We do have some big landy ornaments on our cabinet though. I made a start on your easter swap item, but I'm not divulging anymore info :o) xxxxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh you have been busy - my kind of post :-)
i love tk maxx as well and i must look out for the buckets as they are fab :-)
my hubby calls everything i bring home "tat" LOL
lesley x

Devon Dumpling said...

Loving the TK Maxx finds...I shall have to go to my nearest one soon x

jo said...

Could you send a fairy cake and that gorgeous table cloth to me! What a lovely colourful post.

Jo xx

Shabby Chick said...

Ruby has done a wonderful job on the cakes, what a clever girl!

Which TK Maxx did you find those in? Only asking because we don't live too far apart and I've never seen any CK in the Salisbury one!

The tablecloth is absolutely gorgeous, and the cross stitch too. And the mantelpiece. And the flowers. So many nice things!!!

Mel xxx

MelMel said...

Hello Hunni!
Only just seen this post!

How I enjoyed it!
finding the CK mat!
I'd love one!
I found a CK pillowcase today when I went to tkmaxx...the spotty one....thought it would be nice in the guest room! and it is!

Olly is away for 2 days now, training for his new job...so I'm a bit lonely!

Still at least I have you guys to keep me company!xxxx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

sUCH A WHOLE bunch of gorgeousness in one post!!!
My First visit and I will be back...
Thanks for popping by my blog.
And those cupcakes....mmmmmm,Yum!

LittleGem said...

You are spoiling us with all your pretties Kirsty! Someone on the Shabby Chic Cafe had the same egg cosy as you, it is almost identical to the ones this blogger makes : http://littlecottonrabbits.typepad.co.uk/my_weblog/ but I don't think its made by her. Your flowers and tablecloth are lovely, and the mugs, must have a look out for one of them! I got my mum the Past Times Bridgewater - a - like mug for mothers day. I will post a pic soon so you can see how similar it is. Love finding great copies of things! XX