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Thursday, 5 March 2009


I have this little daughter Ruby-she is small, and very funny… As a fan of Charlie and Lola, I think some of it my have rubbed off on her. You see I have oddly created one child whos lists of likes and dislikes with food is ever growing, and one who eats anything!
I believe the difficult one is just trying to wind me up sometimes,and others shes just plain strange.
She will not eat: tomatoes, cooked carrots, soup,roast potatoes, sweetcorn, peas, mashed potato, eggs, spaghetti, butter, cabbage,onions,pasta, noodles, mushrooms,ketchup,prawns,jacket potatos or brocolli.
Her list of likes, is growing….Fruit of any kind is ON the list, all cereals, yogurts, carrot sticks, minced meat(with gravy),crackers, saussages, jam tarts, bread, ham, cucumber, all types of meat, fish fingers, yorkshire puddings,cheese,pizza,cake, philadelphia, potato croquettes,TUNA!

You may think that’s actually quite a balanced list-well, I guess there is plenty of healthy stuff she does like, but, in terms of cooking family meals it’s a real pain as I have to spearate her ingredients from the rest of the meal, or leave her vegetables raw!…Sometimes her meals just look so bland and dry. I guess her tastes will change with age, and, although im not worried about her, i am, just maybe a little quite very FRUSTRATED!

Do any of you have this trouble with your kids?....


MelMel said...

Hello hun!

Cute post!
I'm sure she looks bonny on whatever she eats!
Bless her!xxx

MaryPoppins said...

I have a little girl who is always asking what she can have to eat :) She is like a little bird and I peck at her every so often with some food, she is becoming somewhat fussy though at meal times and is more a fruit girl rather than a vegetable girl, where as I am definately a vegetable girl, I love Charlie and Lola by the way, so funny :)


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

dont you just love Lola ;-)
think all children are very similar and your likes list is good i think!! it is a pain when they are fussy though - i had that with my now 7 year old but just kept putting the same on her plate and she either eats it or leaves it :-S apparently you need to introduce a new food upto 30 times before they will even try it!!! eek!
good luck! Lesleyx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

We are definately Charlie and Lola fans in this house! so much so i did have them on my mobile and I still have the theme tune on there!!! (for the girls of course... lol)

As for fussy eaters, with my eldest nightmare city when it come to food - and still is at 5!. Although she has always been good with fruit.

The youngest was good now turning fussy. She is just over 2 and half so I am really hoping its just a faze, as she copies her sister with EVERYTHING! at the mo everything is either too hot or she "cant do it"!

Mealtimes with kids aint they just great!

Shabby Chick said...

''Do any of you have this trouble with your kids?...'' I have EVERY kind of trouble with my kids!!! Your little one is bound to grow out of it. I find that they forget they don't like something if you give it to them a few months later, thought some things are absolute no's forever!

I love Charlie and Lola too, though my darling daughters have been slowly ripping out all the pop up bits in the book I bought them :-/

Mel xxx

jo said...

I know what you mean, Sophie eats anything but Jack is so fussy. He has had cheese and brown sauce sandwiches everyday since hea started school, he's at uni now!

Lydia said...

The 8 year old thinks he is a carnivore dinosaur (not fazed by rare meat either)- & is getting reluctant to eat his greens. Little Miss is more like me Veg & Carbs come first - almost a semi vegetarian, she is more willing to try new foods & like spicy things... Luckily both are into fruit/salad & pulses... Little Miss will graze all day - The 8 year old will eat me out of house & home at tea time...
I have just two rules - to just eat a small amount of what they are not particaully keen on (ie broccoli for him)- & we 'try something different' once a week...

Its hard work being a mummy sometimes...


Tillybud said...

I have one that loves new tastes and another that is very suspicious of anything cooked slightly differently or looking different to what she's used to. I agree with Lydia and just get her to try a tiny taste.

Clair said...

all 3 of mine got through fazes of eating and not eating different things- never all the same at once and I have a fussy hubby. I take the approach of making balanced healthy meals and they can choose to eat or not eat (except hubby who has to eat to set a good example!). I try to make things i know they like at least every other day and not make a totally unfamiliar meal any night so that they never go totally hungry. I've found they get better as time goes on as i dont force thjem to eat anything.

Good Luck with it though

(I bought C&L stationary "for the kids", honsetly. But it looks so nice with all my CK bits and pieces...)