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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

a colourful dilemma...

Hello ladies, im hope im not boring you yet, the last few months havnt exactly matched up to my new years resolution of this being the 'best year yet', but ive been happier with this blogging lark than i ever though possible, so just wanted to say a quick 'thanks' for all of your support x

I thought id share a little dilemma with you...For ages now the accent colour in my kitchen has been red..but recently ive been noticing more and more pastel shades creeping in, to the point where theyre everywhere!!!......
I browsed in Asda the other day, havnt been there for ages, and was quite impressed(and inspired) with this little lot...
Arent those just the most adorable little cupcakes>? Who needs expensive mags for inspiration with a cover like that?, just need to master my piping bag i think!

I couldnt leave the spatulas and silicone cupcake cases behind at such bargain prices(£2 for the two spatulas!), ive been meaning to test out lucys bun recipe for ages so these will be perfect!

I had a little think and said 'right, how much pink/blue/red do i actually have in my kitchen?'

Firstly theres this little lot...(the monsoon home clock is from my dining room, which joins onto my kitchen in an L shape)
All of my pastel coloured baking dishes and mixing bowls/ramekins are from Asda too!

Who can resist sarah smith dishcloths?!

And there's this...
And this...

Then theres all my cornishware, now that goes with both colour schemes!
And in the red corner!....
It may not look like such a strong contender but things like my roberts radio really stand out in my little kitchen...
My faux Emma Bridgewater TK Maxx mugs, (bargains!)I shall shortly be listing some more on ebay.
These were the only other things i could find which i hadnt already photographed.
Just when i was fretting over what to do, decisions, descions, the wonderful melmel goes and practically makes my mind up for me!...I had Ruby home poorly when the postie delivered a package, in it were this little lot of expertly wrapped goodies...

Just look at that beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon!

Not one, but two lovely gifts!!!!!!!!!!! Just look at this beautiful bunting and pinny!

How pretty?!

We immediately wresstled it off of this little minx!

I wanted my beautiful handmade bunting hung somewhere that i could really appreciate it, and so a new kitchen/diner colour scheme was reintroduced!
A huge belated bloggy thanks to you mel, the girls and i love the bunting, thankyou thankyou thankyou!
Here, we'll see it every day, plus with easter on its was shortly, it go fabulously with all the easter celebration paraphanalia i plan to purchase from john lewis shortly!
(Please excuse the Dyson in the above shot, and the bad photography!)

A re-jig of my little shelf which had looked odd for ages!

My fave jugs displayed properly..
I think i might paint the stools in the kitchen and, the dining chairs in my favourite Farrow & Ball shade to lighten this room up ready for summer, i dont want to go to too much effort as we dont know how long we'll be staying here.
And of course i'll need new curtains now, i fancy the laura ashley abbeville fabric i think,

or maybe Floral Taupe by Globaltex?
So there you have it, decision made. The Red(with the exception of my lovely radio) has all been packed away, and ive decided to get it out later in the year, its quite a christmassy colour after all isnt it?....


LittleGem said...

I would have gone with pastels too, even though I do love flashes of red in there too. Love the pressies from MelMel, and all your goodies you've shown. I think Asda has some fab things in their kitchen department, I have the spatulas and rammekins at the BFs house. I said "I got you some rammekins" and he was like "what the heck are rammekins?" lol men!

Ooh so much to enjoy in this post, its my fave so far on your blog. Keep up the fab work :)XXX

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

im a red girl and at least 3 rooms in my house have red accents the kitchen included! although now seeing the lovely pastels i would be tempted as so lovely and springlike :-)
lovely bunting from mel she is a sweetie :-)
lesley x

MelMel said...

Loving this post!

Wow, the bunting is so cute!
Hard to believe I made it!LOL
It looks adorable....I love the 2nd scheme...very sweet....very pretty!

I mix a bit of red in here and there, it still works.....
Asda has some fab stuff!

MelMel said...

P.S...Ilove the LA fabric....tis one of my faves....no then not seen the other...but suddenly smitten!x

Mummy Boo Bear said...


Love all your purchases! And you shelves look lovely with all your pretties on them.

I have noticed that a love of all things pastel has been creeping into my tastes. Have recently had a tyding up in my craft cupboard stacking everything by colour this time and noticed I seem to have a lot of red, pink and pastel blue shades. I also adore a country green or duck egg green too!

I have that globetex fabric! I brought it in this bargin fabric shop in Preston when visiting relatives a couple of years ago! everything in there at the time was I think £2.99 a metre and that was from your cheaper looking stuff to more heavy upholstery fabrics!!! Heaven.

Devon Dumpling said...

I love pastels too and my kitchen is a mash of various pastel shades....maybe you could add a few of your favourite red pieces in too? x

Blueberry Heart said...

I think the pastels look really lovely, very spring-like and cheery. That bunting looks so good on the mirror too.
Your jug collection is so nice, If you have one nearby (well they're everywhere I suppose!) Tescos were selling their enamel jugs off the other day, I got a soft green one for only a pound!! Bargain!

bekimarie said...

Hi Kirsty

I love the globaltex fabric, I was looking on ebay yesterday for some fabric to make a bag with and this was the one i've decided on.
I have a lot of red in my kitchen but find I have a few bits of pastel creeping in and after seeing all your lovely bits, I think I feel a complete over haul coming on lol!
Lovely bits from Mel, what a sweetie!

Have a good weekend.
Beki xxx

LittleGem said...

Thanks Kirtsty, I am loving yours too! You have a lot of lovely eye candy! :D I saw those EB style heart mugs in TKMaxx but I really have enough mugs as it is so had to hold back. Yes a lovely little cottage would be perfect one day..til then I'll have to dream! Looking forward to your next post.
Forgot to say that I prefer the globaltex fabric to the LA one personally but wonder what you will chose XX

Shabby Chick said...

Hi hun

My kitchen is a muddle of pastels and red with a bit of dark blue, I just can't pick one thing and stick to it! I don't like my kitchen though so I try not to spend too long in there!!!

MelMel made you some lovely bunting and the apron is so cute.

I like Abbeville a lot, it's very pretty. Those mugs are genius, very CK. I would buy some if I wasn't a horrifying amount over my overdraft limit :-S

Mel xxx