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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Good evening.

Hi girls, hope you are all well, i feel a bit out of touch with the bloggy world presently, i think its just been a busy couple of weeks so i havnt had time to catch up properly, i shall endeavour to get round you all and leave a few comments, i can feel the easter buzz starting so it'll be nice to see what you've all been up to and hearing how you celebrate easter.
Mr P returned from his trip(working holiday/jolly) to the cottage in the far west of scotland(Ayror/Knoydart) last night, he had a great time but appreciated a hot shower back home as they could only have a bath up there, inside the cottage but in brown stream water as thats where their water supply comes from! I thought you might like to share a few of the photos he took, it looks like an amazing place. This first one is of the boat they use up there, the drunken duck, Mr P had to get into the north sea a couple of times trying to sort it out i believe-rather him than me!
Thee handsome chaps were everywhere...
The cottage actually used to be the village church.
Oh girls, just think what we could do to the inside of this place with a farrow and ball paint chart in one hand and a CK catalogue in the other! I know some people would say it has an old school charm but no, id love to give it a makeover-can you see the old parapet in the corner of the room?
If you step out of the cottage and walk 10 feet...This is where you end up.....
....Jealous, moi? Pah!
Overall i think a very productive week was had by all, and of course the week couldnt pass without just a little mishap(Mel your hubby will love this).....(thats Jim pointing, or 'big dog' as i believe he's affectionately known). The lads were towing this land rover to the cottage after a few pints in the local pub when the rope got caught over a wheel and oops, into the ditch Mr P senior was tipped, i believe he shouted a few unrepeatable words to which Mr P junior replied 'what? its alright dad, i didnt even spill my pint'! Boys!!!!!

I think dog dog was sad to leave the peacefull wilderness behind..
As always, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it, before i go, i must say a happy birthday to my beautiful granny Thea, who is no longer us-she would have been 79 on friday the 3rd April, she was truely wonderful, she smoked and swore and told you exactly what she thought of you but she loved us all very much and shes my hero. My mum thinks i have lots of her qualities, mainly the stubborn ones!
love you Granny xx


Mandy said...

Granny Thea my wonderful wonderful mummy who I miss so much.
She loved you so so much and although she was a stubborn old goat we love her too.
Love Mr Ps pictures xx

bekimarie said...

Perhaps we could arrange a girly weekend to the cottage and give it a makeover 'hehe'.
It does look lovely!
Hope you've had a good weekend.
Beki xxx

Pixiedust said...

Lovely post Kirsty, the scenery is gorgeous what an amazing place. Love the bit with the Landrover in the ditch :o). And what a beautiful photo of your springer in the landy mirror.

On another subject, can I ask how you get on driving your landrover? I'm in need of a new car and hubby wants me to have a landy cos he can fix um when they go wrong. It would be a 90 but I'm only 5.2'' was wondering how easy they are to drive?

Any advice greatfully received,

Cheers my dear.....

hugs Pixie xxxx

Flossie and Tom said...

Hi Kirsty

The cottage looks fab but I know what you mean about a paint chart - its begging to be painted in a wonderful off white and some blue added for the nautical side.

Your Gran looks wonderful - I think that generation were all a bit more straight and strong - I know my Nan was.

Love and hugs


Diane said...

Hi , I'm a new girl too. I love your blog. Your photographs are gorgeous. The cottage looks wonderful. Ive been lusting over the cottage on "Monty Halls Great Escape" (and also Monty Halls!!) over the last few weeks on telly - until the midges all descended!! I agree, the cottage could do with some Farrow and Ball paint, but I'd go easy on the CK - I see some classic Laura Ashley fitting in well here. xx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Love all the pictures looks like your Mr P had a great lads time!

Yes I think the cottage would look great with a bit of paint here and some fab fabrics there!

Sorry about your granny, she sounds a lot like my nan, she is great! She likes to go out and have a drink, she swears says what she thinks (even when you dont want her too) and even has a "Gentleman friend" she turned 80 at the end of last year and I wouldnt change her for the world.

Here's to great strong women that break the mould!

MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo yes we would have fun making it over ;)

I have noticed we both have the same pair of favorite shoes though mine has a little bow on the front, mine were very reasonably priced from a well know high street store, I love the flowers really cheery :)