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Sunday, 19 April 2009

reality bites...

Hey ladies, some of you may have noted my abscence over the past week or so, i thought id leave a quick post to explain my tardiness!
Well,easter was fab, a great time was had by all, although i think i now have about thirty chocolate bars, eggs, bunnies etc cluttering up my home, honestly, how much chocolate do people think id let two little girls eat?! Does that sound ungrateful? i hope not, we just have such a huge amount im at a loss what to do with it all, im not a huge choccy eater myself, cake is more my thing, although im tempted by a cadburys flake (or two) around 'that time' of the month....any ideas would be much appreciated. I may add a few easter photos if i get round to it....however, cant to that right now as im catching up on about a million jobs at home which i didnt get done over this past week.....and why's that, you ask??.....we've not been home for a week-not far away though, infact just a couple of miles down the road to be precise, at Mr P's parents farm. We had a phone call last sunday night from the nearest neighbours of the house in scotland (which i posted about a short while ago), they were calling to say that the drunken duck(the boat they use up there), had SUNK!!!! One minute it was bobbing about quite happily looking lovely in the sunshine, and the next it was on the bottom of the lagoon!!! So far we dont know why it sank, needless to say Mr and Mrs P decided to get up there asap to see if it could be salvedged, leaving us to take charge of three dogs six chickens two ducks one ferret and two hundred and fifty cows...oh and granny. So my lovely peaceful week off with the kids off was mainly spent cleaning the farmhouse and feeding animals. It was nice to have the huge aga to cook on everyday but i never realised how much work the farm would be on a daily basis, i felt hugely guilty that i couldnt spend as much time with my girls as id have liked to but they were mostly happy to collect chicken/duck eggs, play in the garden and watch daddy in the workshop, i have a whole newfound respect for Mrs P senior, keeping on top of everything is no mean feat!!!! I must say im glad to be home, my pussy cats are glad we're back too!!!....

Ive missed checking up on all of you so i shall endeavour to get round to leaving a few comments asap,
Lots of love...K xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


bekimarie said...

I bet your girls loved being there, I know my children would.
Although it must be good to be home.
Take care
Beki xxx

Deb said...

Why not melt the chocolate and make chocolate mudcake, that way all bases are covered!

sue15cat said...

Lovely Easter break for the girls, sounds like a bit of hard-labour for you though!

I bet it's nice to be back in your own place.

Sue xx

Devon Dumpling said...

Pleased to hear that you are ok!

Although hard work, it must have been an amazing experience to run the farm for a week and I am sure that the girls had a great time exploring!

Regarding the chocolate: chocolate brownies maybe? x

Shabby Chick said...

I did wonder where you'd disappeared too. Ooh dear that sounds like a LOT of hard work!!! We have zero chocolate left here... oh apart from a bag of Eclairs sweets belonging to my hubby and kept secret from the kids!

Hope you're having a good day.

Mel xxx

rachel the krafty girl said...

hey,thanks for stopping by =)
sounds like you had a hell of a time,i was exhausted from reading about it.
im glad to hear its not just me going through a blogging dry spot...
i shant give up though ;) ill probably just not blog until i have something fun to say....i may be gone for some time haha



bekimarie said...

Just read your comment on Kraft Girls blog, glad to hear you won't be giving up. I agree, I think lots of us have lost our mojo at the moment but i'm sure it will pick up again soon.
Hope you're well, why don't you come over and join in the swap on mine.
Take care
Beki xxx