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Monday, 6 April 2009

Easter inspiration!!!

Hello my lovlies, its official, easters on its way!!!
Easter is really special to me i absolutely love it, firstly because my baby girl- Ruby was born on good friday four years ago, so we were given lots of beautiful bunnies as gifts when she was born, it was such a special time. Secondly, easter was one celebration that my mum really made an exciting experience for us, when my brother and i were little mum would put a little wooden table in the lounge and on it she'd put any rabbit/chick soft toy on it that we owned as well as lots of those tiny fluffy yellow chicks you can buy and all of our easter eggs so it was like a whole easter table, we'd be so excited to run downstairs in the morning to see if the easter bunny had 'been'. Then arguments would ensue over who'd been given the most eggs and some swappage of eggs-he'd have my kit-kat one and id have his aero usually.
Ive tried to make easter special for my girls too, last year was the first year we really celebrated it-they were too young before that. I start by picking up the free mags from each supermarket i visit. The girls use the magazines to cut out any seasonal pictures which we then sit down at the table to glue onto a large piece of coloured card, i like to hang them up by ribbon so we can enjoy them for a few weeks. Its a nice thing to do as a family-easter can so easily be completely taken over by chocolate!
This year im not buying the girls any proper easter eggs as they have such a huge family who spoil them rotten that most of it just gets wasted, i picked up some lovely yellow gingham boxes in paperchase for 50p each -bargains!at christmas time, i knew exactly what id use them for so i stashed them away and have flled them with all sorts of easter bits n' bobs.
We also have a mini easter egg hunt indoors(i buy those tiny mixed eggs in foil) usually otherwise the badgers/foxes/dog/rats etc would have a field day munching all the treats. The girls don their ears/masks and go hunting, just need to find some suitable baskets for them to gather with.This was easter 2007...
Once we've completed the easter pictures its time to decorate the easter tree, when we moved house i seemed to loose all the easter tree decs we had, so this year ive bought a few new things-wilh the help of littlest lady. Ive been nagging Mr P to look out for good pussy willow/ish bushes when he's out working and says he's spotted the perfect one on the farm so we'll pop in tomorrow and do some pruning!

I also treated myself to a few easter(et al) goodies when i went shopping with mum the other day, i was a bit disappointed as most of the stuff id seen in John Lewis and loved they'd sold out of, i had no money when i first saw them so i couldnt keep to the old addage of 'buy it when you see it!', darn it!

Love this Birchcraft heart which ive been admiring for ages...
A sweet little purse from accessorize

And this beautiful teacup necklace from there too!

An easter garland from JL...
And this gorgeous ruffle cardigan from Primark which i LOVE! Also got another cardigan, a navy one from new look which is sooo soft and perfect for the 'nautical' look, worn with my white linen trousers and a red top.

This sunday we're having a family easter lunch, Roast lamb from the local butcher(although Mr P's friend now informs me he's got loads of lamb he's butchered himself-always the way!!!).We're having a 'credit crunch' feast, everyone makes a course each, fairygodmother is doing dessert and stepmum is doing starter. Now all i need to to is play around with how i want to decorate the table and make some pretty place settings and we'll be sorted, i find myself lying awake in bed dreaming of that pretty easter table-sad, me?

I took some time to make some special mosaics for you all to ooh and aah over, hope you like them, happy easter...


LittleGem said...

Loving your inspirational post, lovely photos. That little purse and teacup necklace are so cute! And the heart is just lovely too. Hope you have a lovely easter xx

MelMel said...

Hello hunni!

What a beautiful post....so cheerful; and full of Easter goodness!


vintage girl said...

What lovely photos! love your buys too. Happy Easter! Lisaxxx

Pixiedust said...

Thanks lovely eye candy! XXX

Shabby Chick said...

Beautiful mosaics! Your Easter sounds like brilliant fun, the indoor Easter egg hunt is a great idea. I should make more effort really, I've not done a thing so far :-S

Mel xxx

Tillyboo said...

Lovely Eastery Goodies. Aren't Easter colours just the best ? Enjoy Easter x

bekimarie said...

Lovely pictures!
I can't believe it's Easter already, I feel like we've only just got over Christmas lol!
I don't know if I should say it but I think i'm beginning to prefer Easter to Christmas!
Have a great week.
Beki xxx

Carol said...

Oh where to start!
So many lovely pretty things in this post.
The pictures are all so nice, I love the purse very much.
Your little girl born on Good Friday, that must have been so special.
I love Easter too, I remember the egg race at school. We had to dye an egg...to make it tougher and then we all got into lines in the assembley hall and rolled our eggs at eachother, if your egg broke or cracked you were out! great fun.
Carol xx

Hollypop's said...

Enjoyed reading your post today and looking at the lovely cheerful pics. Love that cardigan, good old Primark.
Enjoy your Easter weekend.

sue15cat said...

What a lovely post,. gorgeous pictures and Easter sounds like it will be fun in your house.

Sue xx

gingerwine said...

Thanks so much for popping over to my blog!

Love Sam xx

Thecraftytrundler said...

What a beautiful Easter post! All pretty, pastel, and springlike!! I will have to do more for Easter next year, mind you, I was up until 12.30 this morning, finishing my Easter swap!!!

Have a lovely Easter, hun!

Sharon xx

lou said...

What a lovely pretty post, all of your Easter pictures were gorgeous!

Have a lovely Easter-love Lou xxx

MelMel said...

Hello lovely!

Happy Easter, have fun!xxxx

Summer by the sea said...

Hi there - I have just found your blog and have to say how lovely and colourful it is, I especially love the Easter mosaics - Have a lovely Easter weekend with your family - Natalie x

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

How so so cute is that little teacup necklace!!!!
Awwwww...Pouting...I want one!! lol!
So many pretty easter picks.
Looks like the kids had a great egg hunt

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. You have a fabulous blog! I have just enjoyed reading through some of your posts. The photography is very artistic. Now those kittens...they are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I am a cat person, they always melt my heart!
Isabelle x