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Monday, 28 February 2011

The confessional....

Ok, confession time, the mags are GONE!!!!
Mostly on the bonfire, and i know i KNOW, i should have delivered them to dentists etc, but to be honest, i just didnt have the energy, pure and simple.

I did offer them to close family but even they didnt want them, and i wont be doing a car boot sale this year as i'll have a new baby who id rather be enjoying...

I didnt have the energy to flick through all 150 mags and rip out the inspirational piccies. Some of them were up to 5 years old, so i guess styles change? BUT, I have kept about 20, which have
my 'dream homes' in, one day Mr P and i hope to knock this house down and build our own(when we win the lottery or sell the farm!) so hopefuly they'll come in handy ?!
I also have a pile for work...BUT*deep breath*...i also still have the CL ones. Well, im very proud of myself for having got rid of so many... i think i'll slowly, slowly let go of those-i'll keep you posted!

I feel SOOOOO much better having got rid of all those magazines, really really like a weight has been lifted...sounds silly doesnt it? But i really do, and there is no part of the house which hasnt escaped my 'nesting' over the last few weeks. Does anyone understand when i say that lately they've been depressing me, seeing these amazing homes looking so beautifully perfect...my house wont be like that for a long long time and it felt like i was torturing myself!...
I hope to share a few more posts with you detailing how im trying to stay sane by living more
'simply'. I was inspired by Anna over at whoops-a-daisy to live in a 'new' way...have a read of her blog if you havnt already, you'll love it.

Dont get me wrong, i still love my nik-naks, i just want the satisfaction of being able to find that torch/pair of shoes/book, straight away when im looking, rather than having to search. My house just isnt big enough for all this 'stuff' and i dont have the time for it.

So, thats what i'll do, as i progress through this decluttering journey i'll share my progress with you, would you like that?

Now, im calling the photo below, PHASE 1;
Sounds like a huge title to love up to doesnt it? But, let me explain, Mr P has 'given' me this shed
of his, after much nagging and me explaining how badly i needed it.

So in here are things like toys too good to sell which new baby(boy or girl)will be able to use, summer garden picnic/kitchen ware which i have no room for in my current kitchen. Furniture i cant bear to part with yet,but which had to vacate its happy place in the babys/junk/spare room...and other 'things' which just dont have a home, Its my 'Monica's'secret closet'( friends fans will know what i mean, if not, click on the link to see it on youtub).....

Phase 2 will be me going through it, chucking out any crap which has sneaked in, and replacing it NEATLY as Mr P nearly had a heart attack this weekend when he
opened it to get a can of spray paint out(oops!)...
Watch this space!
THANKS* So much to all of you who offered me your advice re the mag obsession, i loved reading every one of your comments...x

Love Kirsty xoxo


♥coco rose♥ said...

Isn't it the nicest feeling when you get rid off stuff!!!!! I am such a hoarder and it takes a lot for me to get rid of stuff, but I live in a small house and sometimes it just drives me crazy that there is not one clear bit of space. Cluttered house, cluttered head! I love it when I am in blitzing mode.....few and far between though.....need to do it much more!

Have a great rest of a day!

love Vanessa xxxxxxxx

Zootsuitmama said...

We musta been thinking alike this past weekend! I too hoard mags, I just love relooking. But, the moisture in the basement was not conducive to flipping the pages. So, I parted with some of ... most of, my favs. Along with the other piles of stuff. Only the broken, etc. Now to finish organizing!

bellaboo said...

There's nothing like a good de-clutter to make you feel good!
I'm thinking too that I have got way to much 'stuff',being a hoarder,so maybe I'll follow suit and have a good clear out.Even if the stuff is hidden away in a cupboard somewhere it's the fact you know it's there and needs sorting! :0)

Saphy said...

I love the idea of decluttering and sorting....We are slowly sorting out our small room which has become more like a big cupboard, it will become my work/craft room (one day) good luck with the shed!

Nellilou said...

Don't feel bad...I took childrens books and magazines to my doctors and they refused them because of Swine flu!! I know what you mean with the house situation...I have three children 12,9, and 5 and they have so much stuff and then when I sort it I do a charity pile, recycling pile, niece pile(hand me down clothes etc thaqt have been my 12 year olds, then my 11 year old niece then my 5 year old!!!!)...I also it affects my mood when the house isn't tidy or little jobs are piling up!!! You need to take things easier with a little one on the way too young lady ;o)

Take care

natalie xx

Andi's English Attic said...

I see polka dots, I see a needlework box... I LOVE your shed!

I made your coffee and walnut cake last weekend (anyone reading this comment - go make it, it's delicious). I have to be honest with you - I baulked at the 'no weights' instructions, but then got to thinking, this is so great - it's just how recipes would have been handed down long ago and just how my own Nan would have done it. Your recipe is more special because of that. Anyhow, the cake is WONDERFUL! Yesterday I made it again, and being cocky, thought I knew what I was doing this time so didn't look at the recipe. I put a WHOLE TABLESPOON of baking powder in! UhOh. Nothing too drastic happened thankfully but the cake sunk in the middle. Bet it's still delicious though! xx

Sorry for the long comment, but had to tell you.