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Friday, 18 February 2011

Sharing the love..MORE baby love

I dont want to risk loosing all my new 'followers' but i do want to share a bit more 'baby' stuff with you guys if thats okay?!
Now, i love photography, i wish id studied it at college actually so i could be properly good at it, nevertheless i still have fun taking snaps of my family life, i just need a new camera now as mine is well on its way out unfortunately. Great timing and all that, just before the baby is due its decided to pack up. Never mind, i just wont read the credit card bill when i purchase a new one!

I was lucky enough to be invited along by a friend to a recent baby show. Her daughter lily is 6 months old now so shes getting to the messy weaning stage!!

Anway, whilst there one particular exhibitor caught my eye, the amazing talents of local photographer Mike French were being beautifully showcased.
We had a lovely chat with Mike, he was so friendly and welcoming....we left his stand with me going 'he HAS to photograph my newborn baby' and my friend going 'damn, Lily is too old now'!!

I contacted Mike recently to ask him if i could share his beautiful work with all of you guys and he replied and said he'd be very happy for me to do so and sent me some images to use !!

Mike is based in Fareham which is quite near to where i live, so im surprised i haven't come across his work before as he is a wedding photographer too, and his photographs are simply stunning...so, do you want to see a sample of his work photographing newborns??..

Starting with my favourite, isn't this just the scummiest baby you've ever seen?!!

Just SO beautiful!!
Ive seen shots like this in magazines and on tv and im just so please ive found someone local with the talent to be able to capture such a special time in our lives, i think it takes a special kind of passion and patience to be able to create images like this. Ive added a link to Mikes website HERE so that you can all take a look at his work, please pay him a visit!

Love Kirsty xoxo


Kitty said...

Reading your post has made me super broody - oh how i miss my bump. My baby will be one next week !! Enjoy your pregnancy.

Mike said...

Hi Kirsty,

Thanks for the lovely write-up on your blog. It was great to meet you both at the show, and I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to take some beautiful photographs of your baby when they arrive !

Thanks again

Victoria said...

Wonderful pics and you should be very proud of yours. x

♥coco rose♥ said...

Hi Kirsty, Thanks for your comment on my post, it was really lovely of you!

I wish I had had some professional photos taken of my children when they were newborns. Beautiful work of the photographer.

Loved the shot of you and bump! Gosh, what a yummy mummy you are! Wish I'd have looked like you do when I was pregnant!

Also, think I might have to take a trip to the discount Cath shop also!

Have a super rest of a weekend!

Love Vanessa xxx

p.s Yay for Hampshire! ha ha!!!!!!!!

Naomi said...

What gorgeous photos...when we had our little boy...I came across these photos on http://www.kelleyryden.com ans was totally blown away! Have a look if you get the chance. Love your bump photo. It must be a very exciting time for yu. xx

Pennyblossoms said...

Wow! What an AMAZING photo. You look fabulous! Yummy Mummy-licious!
Thanks for sharing!(Eat your heart out, Demi Moore!)
Z xx