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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A little bit of pink

Do remember a little while back i gave you a glimpse of the photo below, well today ive finally gotten around to revealing the little project i used it for.

The bathroom renovation got my creative juices flowing and i finally got round to using the paint for what it had been intended when i bought it. This hideously ugly brown wooden cabinet was used as a small bathroom storage cupboard in our old bathroom. It was there when i moved in and i guess i just never bothered to do anything with it through laziness!
So..can you see how ugly it is?

I very simply gave it a quick sand over, then painted on two coats of this glorious bubblegum pink paint.
I then installed it in its new home, as a bedside cabinet for Ruby.
I put it in place whilst she was at school, so she could 'discover' it on her return home....well, she was thrilled, and duely spent a good half hour arranging her bits and pieces inside, and on top...that was a couple of weeks ago and since then i think ive realised she may have inherited the 'home girl' gene. She has used mugs to display flowers, arranged various notebooks on it, not to mention different groups of her favourite animals...today, its mice and rabbits...

I added a beautiful glass handle from Bombay Duck, cute eh?

Here is there room as it currently stands...they share a 'big bed' now.
Its been a gloriously sunny day today, although the room looks a little dull-forgive me, my camera is seriously on its way out, not an expense i'll relish at this time of year, but with a new baby on the way i guess its a necessity!!

Haven't quite got round to buying a valance for the divan yet!
Did you spot this little lady hanging from the light?
Poppy adores her, you can purchase your own here from this lovely lady!

Ruby has filled her little cabinet with pretties and treasures..

Bless her, she has a lip balm in every pocket and drawer!

Thought id show a little pic of a corner of their room they are just arranging, i dragged this little ikea table in from the wendy house to encourage Poppy to sit here and draw and colour, rather than doing it in bed at night and ruining yet another of my double quilts with biro or felt tip!
They've used it as an 'office' this week, and even had to borrow the cordless phone to speak to 'clients'!

I love my little girls...

Love Kirsty xoxo


marble rose said...

I love the pink - and Oh wow - I have bought that CK wallpaper too - but have been sacred to hang it - but now I know how BEAUTIFUL it looks- I think I better get cracking - still loving the blog xxxxxxx

Ms C said...

Loving the pink cupboard and the new handle too! I have a massive queue of paint jobs to do once the weather gets better for going outside.

bellaboo said...

Brill job you've done on that pine cupboard.. and I adore that wallpaper! :0)

susan said...

So cute! I love pottering in my girls rooms, wishing that I had had a room like the one's they have. I have just ordered samples of that very wallpaper today! I'm hoping it will go with the sprig flowers bedding. What do you think?

Pretty at Heart said...

Great transformation!! Bet she loves it!

Its great when they seem to share your taste in pretties - isn't it? Just think of the great shopping trips you can have together, when she is older.

Serendipitychild said...

Awwww so sweet, I love how they have "clients"! Cute! The cupboard looks fab, specially with the glass handle.

LittleGem said...

Lovely to have a peek into your home Kirsty, and great little makeover with the cabinet. XX

Emma said...

That looks fab pink.
Job well done.. !

Nellilou said...

Wow what an excellent job you have done and with that pink you were alwaye on to a winner!!!! Your post was lovely and makes you appreciate every single moment of your childrens life!!! My oldest duaghter is 12 and she is all Ipods and Vampire Diaries....but she will never be to old for a cwtch(Welsh for cuddle..in case you weren't sure..and also my favourite word!!)and still likes a bit of sparkle...My youngest is 5 and still enjoys the girly things in life!!!!!

You and bump are looking good!!!

Take care

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Hello! :)
Sorry I haven't been by for a while... just been having a little catch up. Hey I spotted a Maileg mouse!
Love Charlotte

Tabiboo said...

That is such a beautiful, beautiful girlie room.

Nina x