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Thursday, 3 February 2011

New CK Store!

Ive been keeping a little online list for a little while, mainly cath goodies, a few things i want to look out for when baby comes, depending on whether 'its' a he or she plus a few other bits and bobs.

I very recently found out from a friend of a friend who is a manager at a local CK shop that a new store was opening near me!

And, not just any CK store, oh no, this one is an outlet store, and you know what that means? Bargains!

The new store is in nearby Portsmouth, at a complex called Gunwharf Quays(click here for more info) They have 95 designer outlet stores there, plus loads of lovely restaurants, bowling, comedy club etc etc. Plus, its right on portsmouth harbour, so in the summer its lovely to relax with a glass of something naughty and chill out for the day.

I digress, i was shocked surprised and just a teensy bit excited when i got news of the new store..and started planning my day out this saturday at the complex, based around the opening time, and called CK HQ a few times to be sure of the opening date and also monitored the website for days.

Then- the unbelieveable happened...

I am 'friends' with Stanley Kidston on facebook and was stunned to log on on thursday(yesterday) and be confronted by a post by them, with photos, of the new store which opened on Thursday...thats right THURSDAY!!!
I felt my heart rate speed up, and reminded myself to think of the baby-all the stress was just not going to do me any good.

Well i promptly left a comment on one of the photos of inside the store and told them how disappointed i was to receive this distressing and alarming news...!
They replied quickly with 'dont worry Kirsty, our official opening is this saturday so you wont miss out' But, but, what the?!! DONT THEY UNDERSTAND?!?

So, i shall be heading down first thing tomorrow morning, elbows at the ready-bump clearly on display on a way which gives the mesage 'im pregnant and delicate-do not get in my way'.
D'u think it'll work?

First on my list, towels, or maybe just 'a' towel for my new bathroom..
Next, pillowcases, you see the maternity hospital in my area has a serious pillow shortage(i kid you not, for watchers of one born every minute-thats my hospital-The Princess Anne) and you have to take your own in when you go into labour. So that they then dont get muddled they ask you to make sure you have brightly coloured pillowcases.-Brightly coloured, hmph, Mine will be CK or nothing i tell you!
These are what my heart yearns for but ebay prices for the very same are slightly mental so, im hoping CKoutlet will come through for me.

And, oven gloves, Mr P(!!!!!!!!!!) left mine on the toaster, they were in the print of the bedding above and ive had them for years, i was reeeeallly mad about it, but now at least i have a good excuse to buy new ones!

So, i guess you might like to see a few photos i 'borrowed' from facebook-stanley kidston et al-of the new store i shall be frequenting regularly like a woman possessed from now on?

Baby stuff-check!

Oven gloves-check!

Now i just have to sniff out the pillowcases.

If anyone sees anything they've been hankering over in the photos and you'd like me to pick it up for you i shall gladly do that and get them to wrap it prettily and you can just pay me the postage...i did this the last time i went to the CK outlet a Bicster in Oxford, and it was great fun.

Oh and some news on the baby front for those who are interested, i saw the midwife this week when i was 27 weeks plus 2 days and she told me im(baby) measuring 33 weeks...shocked-YOU BET...so i shall go back in 3 weeks to be measured again, looks like my dream 3rd homebirth is unlikely now though...cross your fingers for me girls xoxox


bellaboo said...

I'm off to spend my Xmas voucher at CK tomorrow,so I shall be thinking of you and bump battling your way through the new store! Hope you find some gorgeous things.

LittleGem said...

Hi Kirsty,
Hope you and bump are well! You are so funny checking up on Cath to see when it opens! It looks fab, if its anything like the Bicester one there should be some good bargains!! Cant see anything I NEED in the photos, but thank you for the generous offer of shopping for us!! xx have fun! xx

susan said...

ooo i'm so jealous! Our nearest is a pop up shop three hours drive away, so if I ever get to one I usually have the other half and kids trailing after me! I bought those towels a couple of weeks ago in the John Lewis sale and have only just managed to take them out today with the hope that the other half wouldn't notice - but he did!!! Even the 'ive had them ages' didn't work this time!!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Here in America, I don't think we have a CK. I can't stop looking at the pictures of the shelves. So much amazing stuff in such wonderful patterns.

sl.tudor said...

I am dying of envy here..hubby is sooo relieved we don't have one near us..lol..got to plan a day out for this shopping trip..o and save loads of money too...

Rosie said...

We drove one and half hours after Christmas to go to Cath's shop at Gunwharf only to find it hadn't opened! Angry was not the word! They had it advertised on the website too. I made it known how disappointed I was when I double checked at the information kiosk. Oh well, looks like we'll have to go back! Have fun, I'm sooo jealous! X

littleanna said...

I was there this morning and I looked for the lady with the bump but if you were there you were not obvious.I enjoyed my potter.I wanted egg cups, flowery towels and a glasses case-none of which they had but don't worry I still managed to spend £30!!

. said...

Hi all, it was a lovely stoe but a little disappointing on the pricing side-still mega bucks, and not as much off as i would have liked...will show you what i bought soon!
Littleanna that was a shame we didnt 'bump' into each other! I was there at 10 when it opened(or 5 past!)...the new photo of me in my sidebar is how i looked-took that photo in the loo-saddo!x

Saphy said...

Had some CK duster's in my hand today, but put them down again as I could not justify £6 for 2 dusters! I am going to get myself a nice CK apron though!

Mary Poppins said...

Ohoooo K those pretty images are making me drool ;0) Have so much fun won't you, Oh and if you can just pick me up....


Sweetheart, thank you SO much for your thoughful comment, meant so much. I am so glad I carried him and gave birth to him, sucks that he is not here with me, but I am very lucky that I got to meet him, have a little cuddle and let him know he is very much loved and shall never be forgotten.

Now then, can't wait to see this baba of yours, not long now, CK is so tempting when babaies are involved ;0) All those pretty things for them, do you know what you are having. I shall keep an eye on your lovely blog for baby updates :0)

Big Hugs

Mary xxxx

Jill said...

Well thanks for that brilliant info on CK store, next time we are in that area I will be visiting. Enjoy yourself when you go and hope you get all the things you want!
Had the same problem with my oven gloves (left on the rayburn!!)
have a lovely week.

Victoria said...

Gosh - my heart is racing with excitement. If it is at Gunwharf does that mean it is an outlet store ....... please, please, please comment on how you get on there ..... I am going asap. Just half an hour or so down the motorway for me. I love the Winchester store. x

quiltygal said...

Great ...wasn't open last Sept/Oct when I was over your way !! will have to wait another 3/4 yrs now !! Want one in Adelaide