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Sunday, 27 February 2011


Girls, i seriously need your help.
Today im continuing to de-clutter baby's room-current spare/junk room.

Over the years i've amassed a HUGE collections of homes magazines, and i'm being as ruthless as possible and have managed to sort lots for burning, some to take to work, and a teeny tiny portion to keep!
BUT, that hoarding gene in me is saying DON'T DO IT...Its the Country Living mags i'm struggling with, until recently i've loved them...but i've now fallen out of love with it and don't buy it anymore.
I know there are still lots of fans out there but i've checked ebay and they don't seem to sell on there SO...what do i do with them??....
Answers on a postcard...

Love Kirsty xoxo
P.s Just THINK what i could have done with the hundred quid that little lot set me back??...!


Pretty at Heart said...

Firstly don't think of the money spent - think of the enjoyment had!!

Between me and my friend, we buy almost every house magazine each month plus prima, essentials etc. So I too had a huge collection - what I do now, is tear out any of the pages that have pretty rooms on, that I might want to refer to at some point, and have put them in a folder and recycled the leftover bits.
Happy de-cluttering!

Rubysmamma said...

Hi! Yup, i do do that generally, but ive always tended not to with the CL ones...i guess they were sacred!
...That is one option for them though i guess xxx

WinnibriggsHouse said...

O dear! I don't think I can help there, as I did the same type of de-cluttering the other week and guess what got put back in the cupboard, yes every CL I have bought since we moved into this house ...17 years ago....I have to agree with you about the current issues though, not a patch on those gone by. My DD and I always used to go to the CL fairs as well and have abandoned them of late as there is too much 'bought in' stuff and not so many 'small (genuinely hand made)exhibitors. Such a shame, but I don't want to pay £14+ to see the same exhibitors every time, those who appear in every copy of the magazine and every other home magazine on the newsagents shelves. Of course the problem here is that they charge so much for a stand only those type of business' can afford to take one.
Sorry off my soap box now! Doesn't help you. Why not keep the ones you are most attracted to and deliver the rest to local Old peoples and care homes. I am sure they would appreciate some light reading!
Best of Luck
Jenny x

Romi and Bob said...

I have definitely seen Country Livings being sold on ebay. Have another look, you might be able to sell a batch.

Serendipitychild said...

You could give them to friends and family to read. I would love to read them but can't remember where you live, I am in Berkshire if you fancy passing them on!

Rebecca said...

ahh, I have a love/hate relationship with magazines! I never buy them anymore and I have 3 subscriptions each year which are paid for in full with my Tesco vouchers. I always make scrapbooks of my most favourite images and any full/nearly full copies I donate to my grandma or the local doctors/dentists.... they always need them! x

Louise said...

[Just saying Hi as I'm a newish follower] I've just cancelled my subscription to CL after about three months of disappointing issue :-(
I've quite a few magazines that I'm going to put on Freecycle as I always feel this is a good way to pass on things I can't bear to bin.
Even if they get picked up by a playgroup to chop up it's better than them going to waste.

Di said...

You could pass them on to doctors surgery for the waiting rooms, i love to browse while im waiting.

Tillyboo said...

Freecycle them honey ! There should be a group in your area, advertise them and someone will come and collect them for free !

Google 'Freecycle' and you should be able to find a group near you. You can pick up all sorts of things (plants, cuttings, mags, furniture etc.) for free but they like you to offer something in the first.

I give mine to my next door neighbour after I have finished with them.xx

bellaboo said...

I have hoarded loads too,and when I'm in the mood I cut out the things that I want to keep,and file them.The rest I take to the doctor/dentist for their waiting rooms.It is hard to part with them though,especially the nice Xmassy ones! :0)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Toss them and free yourself. You can't imagine how good you will feel.I too have a thing for mags and I threw out tons and boy did I feel great.

clare said...

OMG..its look like my pile of mags..from card making,scrapmaking..home mags..now me and my friend and neigbour swap ours!
Hope you can find a good home for yours..it will be a shame to bin them!
Im sure i heard back last year..that waiting rooms was not allowed to take other peoples magazines...cause of infections caught off them!!!! but that is what i heard!!!
:-) x Clare x

Butterfly said...

I pass on my magazines to friends & family & then they go to the dentist waiting room at the local University. The students seem to love them as the magazines never hang around for long!
Shame CL isn't what it used to be :(
Oh I also bought some old magazines at a car boot sale I think for about 20p each.

♥coco rose♥ said...

Afraid I am not much help. I usually rip out the pages I like and put in a folder and recycle the rest. I have to be ruthless, my house is too small for mag piles!


Victoria said...

The eternal problem - hoarding magazines! Although I haven't got round to doing it yet - I keep cutting out or marking the bits in each magazine that I want to keep and the plan is to stick them in scrapbooks ........ just need the time now. x

Flossie and Tom said...

I send mine to the charity shop - I love it when I find magazines in there that I havent read X

Kitty said...

Charity shop...As a poor fashion / textiles student many years ago i loved nothing more than finding glossy magazines that i could cut up and use in my research books. I once bought 20 copies of Vogue magazine for £1 !!